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David J Keeps it Cool and Collected in Extravagant New Single, "PROM KING"

Los Angeles Singer/Songwriter David J strives to create music that has a natural level of captivation. David J allows his music to have a natural level of ardor, which means that his tracks often manifest a quality sense of balance. With mid-tempo productions, combined with nonchalant vocal stylings, the music of David J is able to reach a certain climate that stimulates a variety of sensations for all listeners alike. 

The glamorous synth collection in David J's latest single release, "PROM KING", paints a vivid and vibrant picture for listeners. Light-hearted sultry tones shape the essence of the single, which fits perfectly into the narrative that David J brings to light.

"PROM KING" submerges listeners into an alluring atmosphere filled with a persistent elegant beat, and David J's vocals fit right into the ambiance he effortlessly projects.

"PROM KING" is ultimately concerned about surface-level topics, and David J does his best at morphing the energy of the track to feel poised, never compromising on its structure. All in all, David J served charm and style in "PROM KING", and we're intrigued to see what this youthful artist will come to release next. 

Hello David, and welcome to BuzzMusic. What kind of vision went into mastering the production of "PROM KING"?

Going into the production, I wanted to create something that has a dancing feeling, and something lighthearted. I think this particular project is a relief for me in terms of being carefree and just celebrating the youth that I so deeply remember and wish to hold onto as long as possible. I wanted this song to be something that sounds like what you would hear out of a speaker in a boutique store, so not being too serious, is the vision that I had for the project in general.

With a clean and simplistic, "PROM KING" was able to feel incredibly transparent. Would you say that this was the intention of the track?

I think I would say that this was the intention of the track. I always gravitate towards very emotional songs, and sometimes I feel like if I were to be drowning into those somber moments, I might not hold onto the happiness and a desire that I have. This song is really to give my teenage year of voice to express the feeling and the expectation that I always had. As this song releases on my birthday, it is also a reflection of previous years and how they meant a whole lot to me in terms of my growth.

Your music has always had a clear purpose in mind: stimulating listeners to be their authentic selves. How do you feel that "PROM KING" helped contribute to this message?

“PROM KING” is, as the title refers, written based on a quintessential experience of high school. I did not have the picture-perfect, ideal prom. I went with a bunch of friends of mine and I loved it, but it's different from what you see in the movies or TV shows, that people usually go with their date or somebody that they are in a relationship with. I feel like because I missed out on this particular occasion the way it was portrayed in my mind, I wanted to give people, who did not have necessarily the most fulfilled high school experience, something to hold onto. Through and through, what I want to express is that I have been in a similar situation with a lot of different people who might think that they're going through them by themselves. And to know that it is OK to experience things the way they are, but also have certain imaginations and expectations that one always has.

As an emerging music artist, what kind of obstacles have you faced thus far that you felt aided in propelling your career forward?

I appreciate the fact that I can do what I do right now with the resources that I've been blessed with. I think the sheer amount of Music that is being put out every single day motivates me to be better, and to do something authentic to me. The artist that I admire the most, Mariah Carey, wrote her songs from her personal experience that are true to her. The reason that I feel so connected to her lyrics and her songs is that she puts her past into them, and makes them into entities that are truly magical and personal. At the end of the day, all I want to do is to give people who may not have a voice to speak out about any past experiences, and an outlet to express themselves. And I think the authenticity and the genuine feeling behind it speak volumes.

What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music this year?

Listening to different types of music gives me fresh perspectives each time. The songs that I produce and write are the songs that I feel like I would enjoy listening to. Not to say that I wouldn't write any heartthrob ballads or emo songs, at this particular moment I love making music that makes me feel some type of way. I also started working with my sound engineer Fabio, and he helps me with production, mixing, and mastering along the way. As I learn different things, I embody them into my music and projects that I am currently working on.


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