Dean Cee and DoloDuceDuke Crash The Party With Some "Spacy Kacy"

From Ohio to Indiana, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and rapper Dean Cee teams up with rapper/recording artist DoloDuceDuke for their transcendent banger, "Spacy Kacy."

Having endured many obstacles growing up led Dean Cee to hone in on his creative abilities and create timeless bars that reflect his struggle with the world at large. Known for telling stories of a young man who overcomes his hardships and trials/errors, Dean Cee uses his edgy beats and sultry auditory elements to amplify the listener's overall experience.

Recently dropping his powerhouse banger with DoloDuceDuke, "Spacy Kacy," listeners are able to experience the pure skill and artistic drive that Dean Cee has to offer. Not to mention the heated dynamic and back and forth between Dean and featured rapper DoloDuceDuke, the two artists truly bring someone unique and individually alluring to this powerful track.

Starting our venture into "Spacy Kacy," the track begins with a ghostly and haunting background sample alongside crispy hi-hats that drop into the bass-fueled beat. As Dean Cee sets the song's ominous and exciting tone with his unique and low-toned vocals, he begins to expand on feeling spaced out and lost in the moment.

As DoloDuceDuke jumps in, his upbeat and exciting flow pushes through our speakers alongside the punchy kicks and snappy hi-hats, making for an exhilarating and authentic listening experience. This track screams talent; from the top-notch production to both artists' charisma and attitude, it's truly hard to ignore something so dense and sonically compact.

Get into the vibe of Dean Cee and DoloDuceDuke's latest dynamic single, "Spacy Kacy," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dean Cee. We love the exciting and powerful feel of your latest single, "Spacy Kacy." When did you begin writing bars and forming ideas for this track? How long was it in the making?

So I actually was in the studio just kinda messing around, then I got an Instagram message asking if I had any songs in the style of fast and furious for a project. I told them of course and I’ll send it over in an hour. I did not have anything like that at all. So I started cycling thru my beats and opened an older folder I had from some collab beats and the spacey beat just grabbed my attention. The first sentence out of my mouth was “my wrist looking kinda froooooze” and the rest kinda wrote itself. I don’t normally make stuff like this so it was a challenge trying to capture the feel of a luxury muscle car in a song all while maintaining the whimsical spaced out sound I’ve cultivated it was really fun just kinda not thinking too much and just having fun it took me 20 minutes to make!

What drew you to the likes of DoloDuceDuke to feature on your single, "Spacy Kacy"? Is this your first time working together?

I’ve know Dolo for about 3 years now we use to live in an artist community when we got to LA. We worked on one of the first songs we both put out of our Career called DMs and it was so bad but at the time we thought it was so good. 3 years later we both are a part of a collective of crazy good like-minded artists called HiiiTriiibe and have just been training and making great music with these guys lookout for the HiiiTriiibe project coming along with several solo projects from all of us.

What did you want to make the listener feel and experience after listening to "Spacy Kacy?"

After listening to "Spacey" I want people to be geared up. This song is the pregame song you’re walking into the function to! It’s meant to make you feel like you are the top dog and all the work you have put into your life up till this point has been worth it. It’s now time for you to enjoy the situation that you have earned! Work hard play hard!

How do tracks like "Spacy Kacy" represent the music you make today? Do you normally create such powerful, energetic, and party-fueled bangers?

I would say all the music I make is meant to make you feel like the powerful and emotional being you are every hmm and ahh is tuned and placed to make you feel comfortable. Spacy is different for me because I normally don’t give in to the braggadocio side of music and party themes so it felt strange to be this bold and in your face. But it felt good and feels even better knowing that it’s deserved because I put in a lot of work. It takes all my friends around me to push me to step into the type-A Leo side of my personality because I normally run from it. It scares me but that’s another story!