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Dean Glbson Debuts His Eccentric Release "Soaking In The Sunshine"

Dean Glbson is a New Zealand based Indie-Pop artist who showcases personal experiences in his unorthodox approach to writing music. Originally being a drummer and breaking into the country's music scene, Dean found himself yearning to share his life experiences as a solo artist, which had led to his debut release "Soaking In The Sunshine" and we are absolutely loving it.

This release features synth plucks, punchy drums, deep rocking bass and a grabbing in your face vocal that pulls you right into the speakers. Dean's melodic writing shines through in "Soaking In The Sunshine". The verse has a chill grooving melody, which then transitions into an incredibly catchy chorus with a vibe that keeps you surfing on its waves. The drums have a really interesting dynamic feeling to them where every few snares hit there will be a beautiful wave of reverb that hits you. "Soaking In The Sunshine" feels like flowing waves on a beach and you're just there along for the smooth ride. Towards the end of the tune, a magical bluesy guitar solo comes out to shine and leads to a soft delicate ending that leaves you wanting more. We definitely can't wait to hear what else Dean Glbson can do.

Listen to "Soaking In The Sunshine" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dean Gibson! We are absolutely loving your debut release "Soaking In The Sunshine". It's a pickup everyone needs in their life right now! Tell us a little bit about the songwriting and production process for this? Hi! I'm super stoked to hear you guys are digging the tune!! I wrote the song immediately after I finished my final year of university while I was holidaying over in Thailand. As soon as I arrived back I immediately spent the rest of the summer getting the tune produced and polishing up a few things along the way. How have your personal experiences in life shaped and influenced the creation song? Did you have any other influences that help pave the way for this release? The song in its entirety is about reflecting on my childhood and teenage years and how I've come to realize that I've underappreciated those times. I guess in a way it was to pay homage to me accepting that things nowadays are not as simplified as it used to be. It's also a way for me to express my desire to try and live a straight-forward life, as much as I possibly can.

There is definitely a unique tone to everything that is going on in this song. It feels like waves! What inspired the sonic direction of this record? I reckon naturally when you think about sunshine, you think about summertime! It was really cool to represent waves on a beach in this tune in the production and I've got to give full credit to the producer (and dear friend) Will Pegg. How do you think you have progressed from all of the other projects you have been on to this debut solo release? Were there any challenges faced for this record that you never expected? This is my debut song as a solo artist! Before this, I was in a band so every responsibility was communal so it feels weird to release music on my own. But it's incredibly awesome to be able to release music that I've written on my own and share to the world :) What can we expect from you throughout 2020? Maybe I've got another single in the works? Maybe not? Perhaps an EP planned? We'll just have to wait and see!!!


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