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Debbie Christ Has The Will To Keep Going In Her Captivating New Release “We Carry On"

Despite life’s ups and downs, Christ is here to show you it’s worth living. Only the truly talented and resilient can rise to the top in a highly competitive and sometimes treacherous musical environment.

Clara O’Page, who you may know as her music persona Debbie Christ, has successfully established herself as a musical force and excelled. Fearlessly defying the odds and captivating audiences with her electrifying stage presence and passion, Debbie Christ is like a phoenix, rising from the ashes and using her powerful voice to share her story and inspire others.

Formerly known as Peach Guevara, Clara O'Page shed her old identity after having a revelation of sorts and decided to embrace a new name. Her new moniker, “Debbie Christ,” symbolizes her rebellion against a society that uses the lord’s name to spread bigotry.

With her new name, she reclaims the power of the language, using it to share her message of strength, resilience, and personal growth through her music. Having developed a multifaceted fusion of garage rock, folk, and punk to create an alluring and unique sound, she leaves listeners elevated, reminding them that every moment is worth living.

“We Carry On,” Debbie Christ’s latest release and debut under her new moniker, is a wonderfully enticing introduction to Christ’s new era. Over relaxing instrumentals that softly wash over you like a gentle tide, Christ’s distorted vocals enchant you. As she drops lyrics like “But I wanted to love you but, needed to love you / But life had different plans” and “I need to be alone, I should be alone / And somehow, we carry on,” you can’t help but get swept up in her storytelling. Although the distortion may make Christ’s voice seem far away, it still feels like she’s talking straight to you.

Debbie Christ’s fusion of femme garage rock, folk, and punk defies categorization and invites everyone to embrace their unique path. Through her music, she ignites a fire within, proving that no obstacle is insurmountable, no pain too deep to heal, and that life, despite its challenges, is always worth living. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Debbie Christ’s new release, “We Carry On,” available now on all major streaming platforms, and check out her other release, “I’ve Got Time,” also available now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Debbie Christ! We loved “We Carry On." We loved how it had that strong yet captivating melancholic mood going! We have to ask, what was the inspiration behind this song? Were you drawing from personal experience?

Thank you for having me! We Carry On is about knowing when to let go and learning to trust that everything will be okay, even if it feels really painful. I wrote this song after coming out of a toxic relationship. It was one of those relationships where I was madly in love with this person, but there were a lot of red flags, and they only increased with time. I totally thought that I could change this person and save them, but as things went on, I had to choose between them and my well-being, and once it became a matter of my safety, I had no choice but to let go. I survived, though, and even though it felt like the end of the world, life keeps going and surprises you with how things can get better when you make certain choices.

So you were formerly known as Peach Guevara before adopting the Debbie Christ pseudonym! Do you think there was also a shift in music style when you changed your artist name, or would you say Debbie Christ’s sound is similar to Peach Guevara’s?

Peach Guevara and Debbie Christ are the same at their core because it's still me, but I've also grown a lot since my days as Peach Guevara. It's still very raw and honest songwriting, but I can get loud with Debbie Christ and be more unapologetic. Peach Guevara was like a shield protecting me, whereas Debbie Christ is like a sword. With Debbie Christ, I can be my heroine. I think that you see the difference the most when I'm performing. As Peach Guevara on stage, I was more reserved, and softer, but as Debbie Christ, I was singing, yelling, and moving around, and finally, not so afraid to take up space and be myself.

What’s been the most rewarding thing about being a musician thus far?

I think the most rewarding part is when somebody really relates to a song. They may not interpret the song exactly as how you wrote it, but they feel it, and suddenly you feel a little less invisible and a little more seen by them. Anybody can say, "Oh, that was a good set," and stuff like that, but when someone is really moved by a song that you wrote, there's this connection that develops between you and this person, and it's something that I treasure a lot, especially as someone who feels like an outcast most of the time.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before, and if your fans could take one thing away from your music, what would you want it to be?

I'd say it's chaotic but in a really fun way. The unexpected is to be expected. Sometimes you'll get some garage rock, and suddenly there's some folky stuff happening. The next minute it's going from slow and meditative to sped-up madness. If fans could take one thing away from my music... hmm... I'd want them to feel brave in a way that they can express themselves, say and feel what they need to feel, and be true to themselves because that's who Debbie Christ is to me. She won't let the world steal her shine, even though it certainly has tried, so neither should my fans.

What’s next for Debbie Christ? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

There is a lot of fun stuff coming up! We have another single coming out in the coming months, followed by a music video and a full album! I'm super grateful to be at this point and to everyone who has supported this project, especially my bandmates, who are both super talented and great people. All I gotta say for now is, "Don't be a jerk, and remember to shine bright, baby!"

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