Dede Kimble Pulls on Our Heartstrings With Emotionally-Driven Single "Different"

Hailing from Nashville, TN is artist Dede Kimble. This time, Dede Kimble is here on BuzzMusic to showcase a flavourful vocal range with some recently released music. If you don't remember the intricacies of Dede Kimble, all you need to be reminded of is her genuine intentions as an artist. You can so easily feel the good-heartedness of Dede Kimble within her music, and even more so, her intent to help her listeners mediate their own lives and experiences. There's a lot more to Dede Kimble than one may think, and her music requires a graceful dissection in order to extract the most beneficial properties her artistry has to offer.

The soft innocence of Dede Kimble's voice is back, and this time it unravels itself within her latest song, "Different." Immediately listeners are introduced to a consistent and flowing piano melody, which holds itself softly persistent throughout the entirety of the single. Dede Kimble takes her opportunity to showcase her vocal range within "Different," and she appropriately experiments with her vocal tendencies in order to exploit such great aspects of her sound. "Different" exposes a powerful and painful message, highlighting a genuine and honest perspective that Dede Kimble captures. You'll find yourself immensely attracted to "Different" and wanting to carve out any type of significance possible. That's the kind of impact Dede Kimble leaves on listeners with her music, as it's quite easy to feel the emotionality she so easily brings to the table. All in all, "Different" didn't feel all too different from the concise quality of sound Dede Kimble is able to hold constant, which is what makes us anticipate all future releases from the artist.

Listen to the innocent sound of Dede Kimble in "Different" here

Hello, Dede Kimble and welcome back to BuzzMusic! With your release of "Different", how did you feel that this single contrasted and complemented other previous single releases of yours?

Thank you for having me! “Different” is a lot more emotional and personal of a song compared to “That’s What Friends Do.” This track was produced with a lot fewer elements compared to TWFD. Production-wise it has an emotional piano, brass, and strings and vocally there are not many background vocals or processing. I wanted this song to feel very emotional and be simple. 

Was there a specific ambiance you attempted to set with "Different"? Considering the almost dramatic tone of the track, do you feel most listeners will extract a similar ambiance as the one you intended?

Yes! I was aiming for an emotional/dramatic ambiance. I referred to Gracie Abrams “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” and Lennon Stella’s “Older Than I Am.” I absolutely love the emotion and production of both of these songs and wanted to create that vibe with “Different.”

Would you say that you feel connected to your listeners through your music? Do you communicate with your listeners other than directly through your songs?

Absolutely. I was really worried my listeners wouldn’t be able to relate as much to “Different” but I was wrong. I’ve received the best feedback about how they have connected to my song on so many levels and it feels good to know I have written a song that can help heal what others are going through. 

What's the primary passion and intent with your sound? When releasing singles such as "Different", what kind of reputation are you hoping to set for yourself as an artist?

I’m hoping to continue to be as real and raw as possible. “Different” was written about some personal experiences and it’s almost as though this story was torn from my diary. If sharing my stories can help others cope and heal then I will continue to share by being as honest as possible. 

Can you give a word of advice to fellow artists out there that may be having a tough time staying creative throughout these tough times?

Don’t force it. I find a lot of times I am under pressure as an artist to be writing every day. While some artists are able to function that way, that is definitely not how I always work. I’ve found that while I had some time off from work and other responsibilities, I was able to really focus on myself and was less stressed. This really helped my creative juices to flow naturally and I actually ended up writing a handful of songs during quarantine! Don’t push it if it’s not there!