Delo Darya Shares a Flavorful Performance with "Glitter or Gold"

Residing in Vancouver, BC is Canadian artist Delo Darya.

Delo's goals for her music are to create and shape songs that have an affecting feel. Always involving herself with creative projects and outlooks, Delo Darya has consistently found comfort in the spirit of music, and she continues to manifest her own sound with the various influences she holds close to herself.

Gathering insight from various genres such as R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Pop, Delo finds eccentric ways of combining flavourful components of each into her own music releases, and one of her recent releases, "Glitter or Gold", does exactly that.

A soft jazz melody unravels and introduces "Glitter or Gold", setting up the right kind of sultry and sensual atmosphere. Delo combines smooth and softly carbonated harmonies, bringing playful tonalities that amplify the already buzzing energy pouring off the single.

It's undeniable that Delo has stayed true to her creative intuition, subtly emulating calm recollections of empowerment. "Glitter or Gold" has a certain poise and elegance, mainly constructed from the production of the single, and Delo takes full advantage of it.

We're excited to see how she'll continue the streak of glamorous performance, and the type of music that will arise from that.

Hello Delo and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. What was the initial vision that you had for the way you wanted to craft "Glitter or Gold" in order to impart the quality of ambiance the song unleashed?

My vision was for it to the surroundings to reflect the story, of the death and rebirth, the winter and snowy environment to signify her cold memories, and the spring to signify a new beginning and the blossoming of her higher self. We filmed at two specific locations to allow for this ambiance. The Cabin in the mountains where I start the story looking out the window is where I start the story and the scenery allows the emotion of the song to be established.

What aspects of "Glitter or Gold" during the writing and recording process did you feel you were challenged as an artist? 

During the writing of this song I wanted it to be authentic as possible because it is a piece of my history my diary, a story of survival of getting over being a victim of abuse. I wanted the lyrics to resonate with all the girls who have had a past that was dark but they overcame that and began to find their own identity and chose love over the pain. The challenges had to with how vulnerable I wanted to be sharing my story of pain with the world. This music video was filmed and edited by my best friend, she knows me so well that filming it was so easy because we work well together, I am comfortable with her direction and having someone direct you but keep in my what emotion you are trying to convey is very important and makes a huge difference to the overall message. 

How would you describe the theme presented within "Glitter or Gold" for those who have not yet listened?

The theme lies in the questions, when you dig inside yourself you want to find the gold not just what glitters and looks like it's valuable like glitter. Digging for Gold means realizing you are Gold, and that takes digging into your soul and finding that part of you that you know has been there waiting to be discovered.

What're some of your next plans for the rest of the 2020 year, especially regarding the release of new music potentially?

I plan to be continuing doing live shows and my city of Vancouver and sharing my album with as many people as I can. This was my debut music video, and I plan to be making more music videos for the other songs on my album. I will also be working on some collaborations with other local artists.

What can we expect next from you?

What you can expect is more music videos more live performances and more new music as I develop and dive deeper into my musical artistry!