Delve Into "The Process" With YsL Milli

The up and coming YsL Milli has three homes to call his own, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Presently residing in the sunshine state, he is working on building his career as a recording artist.

With three years in the music industry under his belt, YsL Milli has released two major projects with an additional EP to establish his name.

Following up his 2019 release of the album, ‘Milligogetit,’ YsL Milli introduces his fan base to his next installment in the series titled “Milligogetit 2.” Embracing a conscious mindset with the lyrical feast of vulnerability, we’re open to YsL Milli’s record “The Process.” Being the second single featured on the album, his audience takes a deeper look into his retrospective mindset that has him weaving through melodic cadences with a pure delivery of authentic emotion.

Adding his own unique twist to the sentiment he bears, the poignant essence that drips from the tantalizing instrumentation impeccably cascades with his rhythmic vocalization and passion-fueled juxtaposition. “How you gonna think of me when I’m bound to the life that I chose” is the foundational motif that strings us along for the ride of a lifetime as we get to experience what’s eating away at YsL Milli.

Placing emphasis on the overall vibrations emitted from the composition versus YsL Milli articulating each word perfectly seems to be what makes this record stand out from the crowd. You’re forced to delve into the soundscape as you leave your cares behind and focus on the luminous tenors that YsL Milli graciously offers up. Solidifying his essence in a ballad that stays true to himself, “The Process” has us eager to drown ourselves in the rest of his album, “Milligogetit 2.”

Hello YsL Milli and welcome to BuzzMusic. You truly release a vulnerable side of yourself in “The Process.” What does this record say about you as a creative and individual?

Good question, This track off the album shows I can have versatile flows on my music and have a passion for what I love to do. When making music I try to always see if I can mix the song with singing and rap together. It has always been my favorite thing to do when making a new song.

With “Milligogetit 2,” being a follow-up to the 2019 album you released, what do listeners have in store with this album that differs from the first? Does anything directly tie the two together?

Milligogetit 2 has more of a story than the first. I tell my dreams and what I want in every single track, both of the albums tie up with me speaking to existence. I have added an introduction track on Milligogetit 2 of me speaking to god letting him know I need to make a living off my music. I was outside of a church that Sunday when I recorded the Track 1 introduction with a recorder. I know that only God can make me prevail in the industry.

Did you work with any other individual in order to portray the desired sound heard on the full body of work? Could you please take us into what each person contributed?

I’ve had collaborated with many multiple producers and a few other artists on the album. One of the producers is my best friend Since middle school Oscar more known as Izoki Beats, he made track 1 “introduction” and track 2 “the process” Another producer Malloy made track 3 “What I Said” Next song was my homie who produced this song from Germany know as Ryo the ghoul. He allowed me to use his old throw-away beat for Track 4 “Possible” that song is almost 2 years old. The oldest song on the album.

Track 5 “Reckless” was made by my Anderwine. He my dawg from Russia, we got a lot of future songs coming in the future.

Track 6 “Red glossy” was produced by Spike.

Track 7 “Heart Attack” was Produced by Young Asko. I’ve dm him on Instagram and decided to buy one of his beats he was offering.

Track 8 “Head Like Dreads” I have a feature featuring my dawg ynxg que. his voice was very unique that I had to add him on the track.

Track 9 “change” produced by my dawg Bailey Weston has helped me made hits in the past off my 2020 EP. This track is my personal favorite.

Track 10 “Glisten” features my high school friend Giann known as Kiddgio. This was originally his song but it sounded amazing and I didn’t see him releasing the song. So added the song on the album.

Track 11 “Get Dripped” was produced by Depo on the beat and Track 12 “Raise Me” was produced by Actes.

What moment or story inspired the creation of “The Process?" What are you hoping listeners take away from the messaging in it?

The Process is a deep song to me, During the Studio session with Izoki we were talking about how we will only go on the music path only and nothing else. To all my fans and other people listening to the track I am delivering how I am only going for Plan A.. there is no Plan B. It’s either plan A or A. There is no backup plan. I’m pursuing music till the day I receive a Grammy and have a whole entire album on the top 100 charts.