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Derrick Cobb Garners Rising Success With His Single, “Savage AF”

I’m sure you guys remember the careless and bold personality of New Yorker Derrick Cobb!? We recently shared his single “Savage AF”, the charismatically driven hit that had us vibing along. We weren’t lying when we stated he will generate a HUGE buzz for this single. Derrick Cobb streams on “Savage AF” SKY ROCKETED! A huge accomplishment and success for this striving upcoming artist who has a lot in store for him. With over 10,000 plays on Spotify, we have to ask! What’s next for this rising star? Derrick Cobb answers our question with an upcoming video release. When asked about his vision, he states “I want the visuals to be very different than what I’ve done in the past. It’s gonna take time but I want it to be right. I want it to be big and very pleasing” What’s next for this Urban Pop artist is nothing short of greatness. He will be releasing the acapella version of “Savage Af” and is scheduled to release a brand new single on August 15th. And if it’s elevated from Savage AF? Well, folks, we can be sure to tell you you’re in for another big hit!

“I wish I could hug all the people who listened to my single. It means so much to me and it motivates me to give more”.

- Derrick Cobb

Congratulations Derrick! We are looking forward to hearing more.

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