Destiny L. Turner Is Shining In Her New Single "I'm Sorry"!

Destiny L. Turner, most commonly known as Destiny, is a 23 year-old rising artist. Born, raised, and residing in Montgomery, Alabama, she’s currently traveling and performing in the Southeast United States. Between solo gigs and singing as 1/3 of the popular Souled Out Band, she’s having the time of her life. She plans to relocate in the coming future to Los Angeles, California and continue growing and enjoying being an entertainer.

“I’m Sorry” is a seductive new track from Destiny and we can’t get enough here at BuzzMusic. A  likable song from the offset, calming and pleasant to have fill the room. As it progresses though. without a doubt the song becomes something else entirely. Rising up from mildly familiar and comforting in being so, the song soon evolves into this infectious and addictive instance of brightness and dedication. The good vibes and positive energy given off by the music is enough to light up your day. Overall “I’m Sorry” is a sultry track all about showing appreciation to the one we love. Destiny is impressively versatile and authentic to the core. We love this track and can’t wait to hear more!

Give a listen to "I'm Sorry" here, and continuing reading for our interview with Destiny!

Hey Destiny! We’re loving your song “I’m Sorry”. It seems very personal and open, what’s it all about?

“I’m Sorry” is essentially about the period of time before women find out their ex’s are cheating. Up until I found it, it was a constant cycle of apologizing about thinking he was cheating. He was good at hiding it :)I’d always feel super bad after it turned out things weren’t what they seemed. I revisited those emotions and wrote this song. 

“I’m Sorry” has a strong lyrical depth to it! Do you always write in this manner? Do you ever worry about divulging too much through your songwriting? Or do you think it’s better to be vulnerable? 

A lot of my music thus far comes from true experiences. Whether mine or those shared by close friends, the lyrics mean the most to me. I do stress sometimes because I keep my personal life mostly private. But writing is an expression. I’m always afraid someone is going to say “she’s talking about me”.  But the vulnerability is what the masses relate too. So I do my best to find the balance without suppressing my emotions. And maybe change a name here or there lol

How do you remain on track to continue writing new content so consistently?

I constantly keep a notebook with me. When I’m feeling down, frustrated, and even super excited, I’ve found that writing about it can come in handy later as I’m looking for inspirations for new music. 

Where is the best setting to listen to your songs, and what do you hope people take away from them?

I’m working on music for every mood. With this latest single, you may enjoy while trying to win your good thing back or maybe while cruising down the interstate. I would say pick which song fits your situation for the moment. I hope the men and women take away from this song that all men are not bad. They are plenty of good men out there. Don’t lose yours following the status quo. 

What are your main aspirations as an artist going forward?

Moving forward, I want to grow, grow, grow, and grow more. There’s a lot of work to be done. But I like to think bigger than I can imagine. I can’t wait to go on my first tour. I see myself being an international artist. I love people and performing for them. I want to spread more love. Most importantly, I want to maintain the authenticity in my music. 

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