Dez Cleo's Latest Release, "On Me" Explains Why It's Okay to Let Go

This budding artist's origin story is one that manifested unconventionally. Her last intimidating-daytime job—where iron furnished barbells and meaty egos congregate overweights—found the L.A.-based artist using her riffling verbiage and buzzing voice over the P.A. system at Gold's Gym to kick out unwanted patrons at the end of each night.

It didn't take long for her to realize the influence behind her talents. She named them under the alias, Dez Cleo, and embarked on tours across the country months after—performing in locations like the Playboy mansion for self-less charity events. Her work in the studio produces a captivating amalgamation of Pop music that has already garnished her Spotify page with over 100 thousand plays.

This month, the release of her debut E.P. harbors a cortege of sonic experiences with a hidden-gem at the heart of the blossoming creative secretions titled "On Me."

"On Me," opens up with Dez Cleo taking control at the helm of the wheel with her scintillating and warmly saturated vocals. "Here are again we've been here before," she sings with a tantalizing tonality, "you lost my trust again let's settle the score." He buzzes over the fed-up sensations she expresses when her words simmer over the sentiment. It's a song about a love fallen apart, and the shame our protagonist feels after dumping the blame on her former soul-mate.