Did We Just Puts Their Foot Down in, "St. Nobody's Day"

Born out of needing something to do during the COVID-19 quarantine, Did We Just hails from New York City.

Comprised of Jeet Suresh Paul (guitar/engineer/producer), Reisha Cadelina (singer/lyricist), Hari Mohanraj (bass), and Gregory Telfeian (drums), Did We Just have risen to the surface with their debut single, “St. Nobody’s Day.” Meshing together in unison, when forming the band the question that almost inevitably came into the queue was, ‘did we just form a band?’ and thus Did We Just came about.

Capturing their authentic essence in the edgy resonance of “St. Nobody’s Day,” Did We Just delve into the theme of finally letting go of someone you love or care about who is constantly letting you down.

Executing vibrant energy that radiates in darkness transitioning to a light theme, the chugging of the thunderous guitar riffs fills out the composition as the rhythmic appeal ushers us into the spellbinding components of repetition exposed.

Bopping our heads to the tight drum patterns that syncopate with the groove-filled bass line, we’re quick to realize that although recently formed Did We Just amalgamate in a unified bliss that has us begging them for more. Produced and engineered by Jeet Suresh Paul, the manner in which Reisha Cadelina’s euphonious vocals center in the mix has us finding “St. Nobody’s Day,” to be a perfectly balanced musical cocktail.

The Rock forward spirit that drives the vigor exemplified throughout the dynamic of Did We Just are uncanny. Amplifying the sound waves in a way that has us grasping onto the, break from the toxic pattern thesis, we’re fully open to the creativity surging from Did We Just as the artistic sparks infiltrate our speakers in an unforgettable manner.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Did We Just, and congratulations on the debut release of, “St. Nobody’s Day.” This song is such a strong debut single that we can’t wait to hear what else you have in store from us. Before Did We Just were formed, did you all have experience being part of a band or solo acts of your own?

Jeet: Yea actually, 3/4 of us are actually the "leaders/founders" of our own bands on the NY/NJ local scene. I founded a band called Meaxic in 2012 that's currently working on its second EP.

Reisha: Yes, I am currently the frontwoman and manager for NYC-based rock band Grayhunter. I've also had experience as a solo vocalist, performing pop and jazz music in venues such as Parkside Lounge and Don't Tell Mama.

Greg: Absolutely, we all have been playing in our individual projects and have worked with Jeet Paul in the past. He is an amazing musician, sing/songwriter, recording engineer, and producer. Jeet has always brought the best out of me as a music artist.

Hari: I've been in and out of bands since high school. In fact, Jeet and I were in my first band together in high school. How does it feel to have the heavy-hitting “St. Nobody’s Day,” out to the public? What inspired you to make this your debut release?

Reisha: It feels amazing. My lyrics have a story to tell, and when the song was released it felt like I was finally able to make my message be heard and get a lot of feelings off my chest. It was such an honor to be able to work with such talented musicians.

Hari: Honestly, why not? We've all been isolated from each other for so long that we need to start finding new ways to connect with each other and make art. We dusted off an old demo and got to work crafting it into a full-fledged song.

Greg: It feels great, however, making sure it actually gets in front of more eager ears will take a lot of pushing and we appreciate your support.

Jeet: Never thought about it too much. Was just itching to produce a beefy rock song again. Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life? How was the chemistry with each band member?

Hari: The seed for this song was an old instrumental scratch track demo that I recorded a few years ago. I shared it with Jeet back then, and we thought it would be cool to produce a solid rock song from it someday. That idea laid dormant until now. Jeet and I dug it back up and reached out to Reisha and Greg to collaborate on the track. Reisha wrote a killer vocal line, and Greg brought the song to life on drums. The main dynamic within the band is trust. Everyone trusted the solid starting point we had, and we trusted the energy and character that each person brought to the track. It really transformed into a song that we've all written together.

Reisha: The creative process was an interesting one. The 4 of us have never been in the same room, so all we had to refer to was the demo. But we are very like-minded artists, so we were able to tell right away what the vision was for this song. We recorded and wrote our parts separately, and when we finally put it all together it was a perfect fit. Our chemistry as artists and as people is really great.

Jeet: It's funny coz I've worked with all these people 1 on 1 and had a strong sense that they'd all step up to the challenge when thrown into the same project. I'm primarily an audio engineer and really I just wanted to produce a thick meaty ball to wall Rock song again.

Greg: Well Jeet had brought together all of us and he felt that we are all like-minded and would add value to getting this idea executed with the best workflow. Honored to part take in the awesomeness. What is the main message that you’ll be sending out to your audience as a band? What are you hoping listeners take away from the message in “St. Nobody’s Day”?

Reisha: The message I wanted to send with this song was that we understand how it feels to be disappointed by a loved one and how it feels to learn that sometimes, what you want isn't exactly what you need. This song is meant to inspire others to realize that they deserve to be treated better by everyone in their lives, and they should speak up about it.

Hari: I'm hoping that people take away the fact that sometimes, you just need a rock song to channel your energy. Whether it's joy or anger or something else, sometimes you just need to sing your heart out to a 4/4 beat.

Greg: That when you have a great collaboration with the right people that agree with a common goal that it can be accomplished. Also, that you shouldn’t wait around for someone that doesn’t love and respect who you are. You deserve the best and if you’re being treated like the amazing person you are cut those people out of your life. What's next for you?

Reisha: We're gonna keep working together to get our music out there and show what we're truly capable of. I'm super excited

Hari: Unsure. My reaction to producing this track is as our name suggests... did we just write and produce a song together? It feels great, and I'll have to see where that energy takes me next.

Jeet: The process was so smooth that I'd love to do a few more songs with these people. Let's see

Greg: More awesome song released and collaborating with these amazing artists.