Dina Renee Releases Emotionally-Driven Music Video For Her Single "What I'm Not Gonna Do"

Emerging Pop artist Dina Renee hails from Knoxville, Tenessee, now residing in Los Angeles where she is constructing the very foundation of her trendy and euphoric sound. Teaching herself all of the necessities in singing and songwriting, Dina Renee is truly a self-made artist. Her passion for the arts grew undeniably strong in her childhood but manifested itself to be much more potent today. With all of the experiences, academics, as well as hardship under her belt, Dina Renee takes on the Pop music scene at full swing, creating relatable and memorable listening experiences. Dina Renee released a new single, titled "What I'm Not Gonna Do", and the song houses all of those catchy and flowing elements that you'd expect to be in any pop-driven single. 

"What I'm Not Gonna Do" definitely strikes us as the right kind of song to be featured on your local Pop Radio music station. Contrastingly, the production of the track falls more in line with a bustling and electric rhythm. "What I'm Not Gonna Do" truly has tons of extractable energy, which falls into place primarily from the colorful production. The buzzing surge of vitality washes over us as listeners, and we feel completely vibrant listening along to Dina's track. A huge contrast within the song comes from the comparison of the production to the actual lyrical content of Dina's song. "What I'm Not Gonna Do" hones in on the realities of a toxic relationship, and the entire emotionality is displayed in the music video Dina Renee released for the single.

The music video for "What I'm Not Gonna Do" follows along with the narrative of an unrelenting relationship, and the exact thought process that goes on in the mind of an individual seeing the realities of the situation. The music video displays the emotional expressions well, allowing listeners to get completely involved with the storyline appropriately. With the cohesive contrast and stimulating storyline of "What I'm Not Gonna Do", our anticipation for future music has grown exponentially.

Listen to "What I'm Not Gonna Do" here.

Welcome, Dina Renee, and congratulations on releasing "What I'm Not Gonna Do", as well as its music video! What was the primary vision for the way you designed the video for the song? Do you feel that the vision extended itself in the way you initially believed it would?

Thank you so much! The song is an empowerment message of leaving a bad relationship that isn’t right for you. I wanted the video to reflect that message and also be more comedic and show myself as an actress as well. 

I wanted to create a Barbie and Ken dream world that isn’t what it seems because well; shocker, Ken turns out to be secretly gay. Both of us are unhappy together but find our truth apart when he breaks up with me on a post-it on my pink fridge. I’m finally no longer domesticated and controlled and he’s free to live his truth as a gay man. I think this video more than extended the vision I had. I wanted it to say to people that even in a paradise pink palace things aren’t always perfect and what is important in life is living your truth and stepping out and being who you really are. And also I now have a pink kitchen because of this video. 

What kind of process went into ensuring that the emotional expressions of the song were communicated accurately in the music video? Being the director and producer of your own music video, do you feel that the type of control you had over the vision of the music video amplified the integrity of the song?

I think so for sure. When you work with people that get your dry/ weird sense of humor and understand you as a person, it definitely helps the process. I wanted actor Connor Dante to play my boyfriend because we get each other’s humor and I knew he would be brilliant. His expressions are my favorite part of the video- his subtext says so much and tells the story just as I wanted. 

Would you say that there were any challenges you faced constructing the music video for "What I'm Not Gonna Do"? What pieces of wisdom do you feel were brought to light once you finished the writing, recording, and filming of the song? 

I learned that it is possible to make my absolute dream video a reality. I tend to be very critical of myself and am a perfectionist so I’ve always been a little afraid to make videos as an indie artist just because it can be very overwhelming with the business side of everything you have to do. I do love being so involved in the creative aspects of styling and directing but it would be nice to also do a shoot in the future where I only have to worry about being the artist. 

You've encountered some pretty difficult hardships regarding your artistic career thus far. Nevertheless, you've always persevered and found a way to obtain the main goal. What kind of advice do you feel you can offer to other emerging songstresses out there that may undergo hardships as they begin their musical careers?

To just not give up. It is hard sometimes to put yourself out there not knowing if you’ll be successful. You are bearing your soul and in the most vulnerable way especially when you write your own songs. I’d say if music is what you’ve known in your soul/ in your deepest inner voice that you want to pursue, there’s no reason not to pursue it. Don’t let what others say get in your way. You know your truth and you have to persevere and share your gift with the world. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.