Discover Kersty Ryan's Truth in "Lose It Like I Lost You"

Austin-based music artist Kersty Ryan is ready to shine the spotlight on here playful, honest, and serenely pop sound with the release of new music.

Inspired by artists such as Hayley Williams and Julia Michaels, Kersty Ryan shares her unique twist on the influence she hones in and brings thoughtful lyricism and conscientious melodies to light. One of Kersty's latest single releases, "Lose It Like I Lost You" features exactly as such. 

An infectious trendy beat immediately fills the air in "Lose It Like I Lost You". With a heartfelt narrative, Kersty allows listeners to see an inside look at her emotions, giving the opportunity to see a more vulnerable and raw side of herself.

As an artist, Kersty seeks to fill her songs with true recollections of her life, whether that means she's opening up on past relationships, or current motivations, Kersty is always looking to keep it honest with her listeners. "Lose It Like I Lost You" follows the same path, and Kersty has distinctive passion attributed to the vocal performance within the track.

That's what makes it feel as affecting as it does, especially with its potent contrast between the voluptuous persona of the production, backed with a more poignant theme. 

Listen to Kersty Ryan's release, "Lose I Like I Lost You" here

Hello Kersty and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. What was your initial vision for "Lose It Like I Lost You" and how were you intending to make your audience feel with the theme of the single?

As soon as I was sitting down at the piano writing this song, I knew that I wanted it to be fun with big vocals, despite the lyrics being more melancholy. I've always said that this is a song that you can both cry and dance to. I really wanted to convey the feeling of missing someone, but never having that full closure; You just grew apart, and you don't know them anymore. I think it's one of the worst feelings if you really care about someone. 

Did you find any difficulties in sharing your own experiences and vulnerabilities within songs such as "Lose It Like I Lost You"? Are there any reservations you have toward sharing your own truths?

For sure! It's really scary to write and release songs about my real experiences. I always wonder if they'll find out the song is about them, if they'll be mad at me, or if a line in a song is too real or vulnerable. But, I've decided that I'm an artist and this is what I do! I express feelings and share experiences through my songs, and I never wanted to feel bad or guilty about doing that. Sometimes it's the best way to move on.  

You're set to release your EP later this year. Can you share any insight on the EP thus far and what listeners can expect?

Yes! The name of the EP is "SAD GRL". It's almost like my last few years in a nutshell. There's a lot of heartbreak, soul-searching, and "getting things off my chest" hidden in these songs. They're all real and mean so much to me.

Are you planning on hosting any live virtual shows in the near future for your listeners?

I would love to do that! It's in the talks and I'll have more solid plans soon. I guess we'll have to see when! 

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

Listening to other artists! Everyone has been putting out such amazing music this year. When I hear a song I really love, I just want to go straight to the piano and start writing. It always makes me push my limits and boundaries.