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Dive Into Sam Louis’ Vulnerability In New Single “This Love”

Sam Louis is a rare artist who has the admirable ability to fuse pop and alt-rock with dreamy synths and layers of emotional lyricism and depth. Through his authentic new sound and years of experience, Sam Louis aims to get listeners up off of their feet and get moving to the music. He graduated from Humber College with a Contemporary Music Degree and recorded a 7-song EP titled “Hallejuah Nights” with notable engineer Kevin O’Leary. With the release of his new single “This Love”, produced by Los Angeles based Shayan Amiri (A-Major and Andy Boy), Toronto-based artist Sam Louis shows no signs of slowing down with his upcoming EP “NIGHT/SWEATS” coming soon in 2020. Stay tuned! 

“This Love” is a dreamy new pop track that hones in on the inconsistencies and bad habits of a past relationship. Ultimately, and despite the ongoing turmoil, “This Love” is about persevering through everything and knowing that love concurs all obstacles. Sam Louis meanders through the music with the meaningful lyricism that urges you to press that repeat button. The main lyric throughout the hook is “This love is all we got”, and it couldn’t fit the sentiment of the track any better. This song is easily accessible for a wide variety of listeners. Many people will resonate with the feeling of holding on to what you have because you strongly believe the love is stronger than any trial or tribulation you’re put through. We love the inspiring message and vast soundscape throughout. Sam Louis is a gifted artist with nowhere to go but to the top! We’re looking forward to his future musical endeavors! 

Check out “This Love” here and read more with Sam Louis below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sam Louis! What prompted you to first start recording your music?

Hey BuzzMusic, thanks for listening. I first started writing/producing and recording music about 10 years ago in my hometown Thunder Bay with my pop/punk band at the time. I always loved and craved the process. In writing, there's something about throwing all these ideas (melody, lyrics, rhythm, production) into a pot and creating a unique track that no one's ever heard before. With recording, it's really special, your song comes to life, it can grow even more in the studio, something I learned later on in my solo career. The steps of music creation are what I really love most about music, the process behind the madness.

“This Love” is a great song! What inspired it, and what does it mean to you?

Thanks a lot, guys. The song was inspired by a past relationship that was inconsistent and broken. It’s almost a cry for help, even though the relationship is constantly falling apart, the one thing that remains is the subconscious love they both share. This song goes out to the leftover lovers, the broken heroes of a relationship. The ones who keep fighting for not only their person but for themselves. It's the most vulnerable song I've ever released, an anthem about not giving up on something you believe in.

What can fans expect from your upcoming EP “NIGHT/SWEATS”?

This EP is going to be more personal and emotional than my last. It's going to take a few pop/hip-hop notes from my first album "Daydream" and slam them together with the alt-rock energy of my last EP "Hallelujah Nights". The NIGHT's tracks will lean more to the emotional, introspective side while SWEATs will feature songs that are all about groove and feeling. It's going to be coming out summer 2020.

Who or what would you say inspires you the most to pursue and put your time and passion into music?

Music is medicine, it's something I always say. When I was growing up, music was a way for me to connect to a greater medium. It allowed me to escape if I needed to, hide, fight, love. It gave me courage and release, it's a healer, it's an answer if you have questions. It's so much and means so many different things to different people. I want to be apart of that, for as long as I can remember I've wanted to be apart of the movement that is music. If I can inspire/influence someone with one of my records, that's enough to keep me going.

What’s next for Sam Louis?

This 2019/2020 year is going to be a big developmental one. I’ve been working with many producers and artists this summer writing and creating new music and we’re currently in the process of bringing it all to life. After the release of the single and the music video, we got a hell of a tour starting up that will kick off in Los Angeles! This is the first tour that we’ve ever had and we’re so excited to start spreading our sound around not only in Canada but the US as well. There are about 5 other songs currently in development that will be featured in the NIGHT/SWEATS ep all pouring out this 2020.


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