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Dive Into the Complexities of Imposter Syndrome With Sophie Egan’s New Single

"Imposter Syndrome" is 19-year-old Sophie Egan's latest release, crafted alongside her brother Harry Egan. The duo works together on all of their songs, their ideas meshing beautifully to create meaningful and hard-hitting music.

The San Francisco based contemporary pop artist was looking to put into words the incredibly complex feelings that come with imposter syndrome. We perceive ourselves differently from the way we perceive others and the world around us, and inevitably sometimes, this is for the worse. If we think of ourselves on a different playing field than others, we can begin to think that we are not capable of thriving and succeeding at whatever we want to do. Sophie Egan's "Imposter Syndrome" encompasses this idea perfectly, aiming to empower listeners and drive them to reach their goals.

A somber introduction to "Imposter Syndrome" sets the scene for the song, and you get a first glimpse at Sophie Egan's breathy, ethereal vocals. The synth beats arrive, and it is impossible to take your attention off the song, the melody flowing smoothly over top. She sings, "I'm the only one that's fighting me," as she attempts to describe her helplessness and feeling stuck. Anyone who has ever doubted themselves and their abilities will find something to cling to from "Imposter Syndrome."

The bridge brings "Imposter Syndrome" to a climax, all the alluring elements coming together to bring the song to a close. "Imposter Syndrome" is beautifully haunting, the first of many new singles in-store from Sophie Egan within the new year.

Hello Sophie, and welcome to BuzzMusic. How did the creative process begin for you when it came to “Imposter Syndrome?" Did the final product turn out exactly how you envisioned it?

The creative process began when I saw a Tik Tok video explaining Imposter Syndrome. Before that video, I didn’t know what Imposter Syndrome was. When I saw that I thought “Oh I definitely have felt that”. Even once I knew what it was, it didn’t stop me from feeling it. So I wanted the final product, lyrics, and production, to feel like that in-between feeling of being aware of something and still not being able to stop. I feel like the final product portrayed that well so I was really happy with it.

The themes in “Imposter Syndrome” are quite elaborate and laid out in such a magnetizing way. Do you ever find it difficult to write about such personal subjects?

I am normally a pretty shy person and it takes a while for me to be very personal with people. But when I’m writing for some reason I don't even really think about it. Honestly, I didn’t realize how personal the lyrics were until right before it was released. I think I just write honestly what I am feeling or what pops into my head. It is weird to think about admitting a fear I have to everyone I know. But when it’s through songwriting it just doesn’t scare me as much. Singing and writing are the two things that feel the most natural and calming to me so I feel like it is when I am most personal.

If your listeners could take one thing from hearing your new single "Imposter Syndrome", what do you think it should be? Has the creation of "Imposter Syndrome" helped you with your own personal battles?

I want people to take away from the song that Imposter Syndrome is just a feeling. It is just an idea, but it is not the truth. Just because we think something or feel a certain way doesn’t mean it is true or anybody else thinks that. I think it has helped me because when I was writing the song, specifically the verses, I was writing examples of times I have felt Imposter Syndrome. Reflecting on those examples made me look bad at them differently and realize that it was just fear not what was actually happening at the moment. I wrote the song from a sort of defeated perspective of being held down by imposter syndrome, but since I wrote it I don’t feel as defeated by it. Writing about it helped me start to recognize when I feel imposter syndrome and catch it instead of believing it.

You mentioned that you are currently a student at The University of San Francisco. What is it that you study there? How do you believe your education has molded you as an artist?

Yes, I just finished my first semester at the University of San Francisco. My major is Performing Arts & Social Justice with a Music concentration. I wrote Imposter Syndrome before I started the semester, but I think going forward my major is molding me as an artist in a lot of ways. The social justice aspect of my major is so inspiring and unique. It challenges me to think of ways I can use my love of music to help others and not just myself.

What can we expect to see next from you as we enter 2021?

In 2021, you can expect a lot more music. I have another single coming out the third week of January. My brother and I are writing all the time so we have a lot of new projects we are excited about.



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