"Divine" Effervescence Flourishes in T.N.L.C's Latest Single

Raised in the small city of Tomball, known for being the guy to do it all, Cris Ponce, professionally known as T.N.L.C, is fully wrapped up in music so he can share his knowledge with his audience.

After years of listening to many talented artists, he has found vast inspiration from Logic, Kendrick Lamar, and Mac Miller. Tapping into his inner self to obtain a creative mindset for his flow and rhymes, T.N.L.C is looking to become the next life changer in the music industry.

If you’re looking to tap into that nostalgic emotion felt bop that easily transports you to a dimension of sentimental appreciation, then T.N.L.C has you covered with “Divine.” His latest release captures a glimmer of new wave charisma as it simmers in a pool of old-school Hip-hop tenors. The presence that comes to the forefront in his tonal distinction is unmatched.

You’re fluently drawn towards the mesmerizing grasp of T.N.L.C’s wavy performance. He effortlessly extends an invitation to his fresh rhymes that remain timeless in a fully seasoned era of wordplay. T.N.L.C even went as far as to pair an easy-going visual that casts a gravitational pull out into the universe as his message in “Divine” is well received by his listeners far and wide. Taking lyrical dexterity to another level, T.N.L.C is a hybrid of his own. The wit he carries as a wordsmith teleports your mind to encyclopedia pages as he is a walking preacher.

T.N.L.C shows no signs of slowing down as he continues to garner attention from a wide-ranging audience. Depicting vivid imagery in the word he displays, T.N.L.C is on the right path to becoming a game-changer in the Hip-hop industry.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, T.N.L.C, and congratulations on the release of, “Divine.” What was the inspiration that carried your mind through the writing process of this track?

Making Divine was a super fun time and being inspired by Logic, Kendrick Lamar, and Mac Miller I knew that I would have to come in with genuine wordplay. I added a little story of myself of how people are ignorant nowadays and how before music I was actually just planning to become a Master Barber but people get “Jelly Belly” (Jealous) and they have to bring someone who is doing good down. I don’t have a license to perform any cosmetic performance and that’s why I started to make music instead. It was something I’ve always wanted. Hearing about Logic’s retirement really made me sad bc I look up to him the most when it comes to making music. I paid homage to him by making a whole mixtape about me and I hope one day to get his recognition by meeting and even making a song with him. He is the reason why I started to make music. Without him, I know that I wouldn’t have super fast wordplay. I wanted to keep his legacy on but a few weeks ago I started to see that I can’t be like him. I’m T.N.L.C “The Next Life Changer” and I’m here to make a change in the music industry by always keeping it real no matter the situation. This isn’t any longer Logics Legacy. This is my legacy. The next life changer’s Legacy. Divine is one of my best songs I’ve created for now and it will always be in my top 5 no matter what.

Could you please share what this song means to you as the creator?

This song defines the basic meaning of hate and jealousy of people in this world. We all greed and we are all jealous at times. My hook is super simple but the way I made it sound makes anyone want to sing to it. “ Yeah, I’m feeling divine! Momma told me it’s time for me to shine! Cuz I pray for the enemy! And they wasting time and energy when they can spend it with me” those few bars mean soo much to me as I have lost a lot of friends as I’m giving my life to God as I’m a Christian Catholic and people see my change as I’m a goofy person but I have my limits. Barbering means a lot to me as I explain how someone basically reported me in the lines of the 3rd verse “but in summer 2020 people were hating on me. Right now I will am making a mixtape. Grad of ‘21 don't feel like a mistake. And not only that, I wanna throw my white flag. Why hate on ur peers when a kid was just trying to chase a damn bag” Money isn’t important to me as it doesn’t bring happiness in my life. Do I need it to live? Of course. Everyone does. I’m still in Highschool for now as I’m a graduate of 2021. And I hope to whoever listens to this song that they get a brief sense of my mindset and how I see the world. I want to make this world a better place by simply spreading positive vibes and spreading God's word slowly but surely.

We love the simplicity of the music video showcased, it allows the focus to remain on the words you portray. Was this always the vision for the visuals?

My Hometown I'm always going to represent and never forget about was the perfect place to record this music video. The old town feels and my song instrumentals and to top it off my vocals and verses coming in like it all made sense. Sure it is my first official music video as an independent artist and I see my flaws but that won’t stop me from improving my craft. Keeping it simple was definitely my key vision for this music video. I don’t like adding super big effects as it wouldn’t fit the genre. How I see it is that I made this video just like a good simple breakfast. You add the milk to your bowl of cereal.

What is the main message that you’re hoping your listeners take away from “Divine?"

As I’ve said before the main message for this song is that I’ve got actual trying to pray on my downfall and me being a follower of God I know that it’s not right to play with fire and just keep praying for the enemy. Without my Heavenly Father, I know that all my achievements wouldn’t have been able to have reached the day of light. This mixtape still needs to see it’s a day of light but we are to a good start so far. The simplest way I could say the message is “ just be u and keep going no matter who tries to bring u down. No matter what life brings me, I always will give everyone a smile.”

What can fans anticipate to hear next?

The best part is that I’m working on my Debut Album called “Shoes of a Beginner, Mindset of a Winner” this album and let me repeat that. This album will blow away this whole mixtape that I have created. It’s going to have roughly 22 songs and it will be the album that gets me to have that recognition I’ve been aspiring for. It’s going to come out this year 2021 for sure but I’m just not sure when exactly yet. I’m going to release a single from that album which is called “Floating” this coming April 16 so stay on the lookout for that. I have 2 new singles out which are called “Envisions” and “Chillax”. Both bring 2 different vibes and envisions is more chill and chillax is more for a “Friday feel” I’m here to make a change with my music and May God bless everyone who listens to my music and who is willing to keep up with my mindset as I really am in the shoes of a beginner with a mindset of a winner. “Trusting God no matter the situation” - T.N.L.C 2021.