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Diving Deep With MJ and Her Latest Single, "Falling"

From Redondo Beach, California, MJ is an up and coming artist who has just released hip hop single “Falling.” MJ grew up in Florida listening to old school singers, including Luther Vandross and OutKast. In 2014 she released her debut album “Live Through Me.” She has since moved to Houston, Texas, where she released another album and continues to release more music, including her recent single “Falling.”

All of MJ’s verses in “Falling” are narrated with a spoken-word style. She includes a few Spanish lyrics, which adheres to multicultural audiences. “Falling” is sung to a laid back, trap-like beat and a melody that contains Latin tones, which naturally provokes a shake of the hips. During the chorus, MJ maintains her spoken lyrics while she draws out the notes for emphasis. Lyrically, MJ sings about a love interest that she fell in love with at first sight. The majority of “Falling” is an anthem of self-love that is sure to boost the confidence of MJ’s audience. She focuses attention on esteem while also representing that maintaining a relationship while still loving herself is possible. With the high energy melody of “Falling,” the lyrics are the cherry on top in making the track an anecdote of positivity.

Listen to "Falling" here.


We had the chance to interview MJ about her newest single "Falling". Check out her video answer to our questions below!

Listen to "Falling" here. 

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