Diving Into a Pool of Vulnerability, Sadie Canon Astounds Us with "Take Me Home"

Sadie Canon was raised in a small city in Florida where football on Friday night was the main event in town. Although many identified Sadie Cannon as a jock in high school, her heart was devoted to music ever since she began piano at five. Fusing a relaxed yet daring presence, you can expect lyrical honesty, memorable Pop and R&B flavored hooks showered with deep female vocals. The entire mantra behind Sadie Canon’s music captures our most significant truths as we remain completely honest with ourselves. Inspiring us to admit our weaknesses so we can better learn to love our strengths, Sadie Canon welcomes her listeners on board with open arms to her path to introspection as she uncovers the raw intricate emotions that purely unify us all.

The enticing aura surrounding Sadie Canon’s latest record, “Take Me Home,” has us gravitating toward her warm embrace as she takes us in on a sonic voyage. The emotion that she exudes in her vocal performance cascades upon the instrumentation as we delve into the burning passion fueling this emerging artist. Her sultry and boisterous soul shed through each melodious phrase allows her lyrics to simmer into our minds and dance amongst the thoughts ignited.

“Take Me Home” bounces between the longing and despair that we have for someone who is longer in our lives romantically. “The city doesn’t know me as you do” is the intoxicating pre-hook that has us reminiscing about that special someone who we wish we could have held in our arms for one last moment. Tugging on our heartstrings in the most relatable manner, Sadie Canon has a knack for emotionally drawing her listeners towards her brilliant themes as she opens herself up to vulnerability.

As the tantalizing Pop essence of “Take Me Home” lingers long on your mind after the song is over, you can’t help but want to hear more stories in the soundscapes produced by Sadie Canon.

Congratulations on the release of “Take Me Home.” Being compared to artists such as Kehlani, JoJo, and Alina Baraz, we can easily hear why. How did you discover the sound and image you currently have?

It's been an evolving process. Growing up I was big on the song and lyric collecting. Over time I took all the influences I held onto and blended them all together. I love singing r&b music because it showcases so much soul, but also fell in love with soft EDM in college. Blending the two for a pop/RnB future bass fusion came naturally to me.

What moments inspired the theme behind “Take Me Home?"

In the last three years, I moved from Florida to Nashville then LA. Through all these moves I met so many new people, which led me to the phenomenon of getting lost in feedback. I was trying so hard to get away from what I knew that I kind of forgot what I did know. After finally coming back to my hometown after being gone for over a year I relinked with an old fling that knew me from when I was a kid. After experiencing so much unknown it was relieving to be around someone so familiar.

How was the creative process for this record different from other songs that you’ve released?

For this song I had a new co-writer join spontaneously. She was such a strong lyricist and really helped make the chorus as strong as it was. I also started working with a new producer. This was our second song together so we had some chemistry going.

You mentioned that you went to Nashville and Los Angeles to pursue your career in music! What was the biggest lesson that you learned in your ventures?

My biggest lesson is that you need to be certain of who you are and don't let anyone tell you who you are. Everyone comes from a different background and unless they've known you your whole like, they only have part of the story. It kind of goes back to if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. Learn your boundaries, make others respect them, and if they don't they probably shouldn't be at your table anyway.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

A lot of introspection. Probably more than was ever needed. I keep looking back to the mentality I had in high school. I was the cockiest kid you probably ever met. I look at the people who shocked my confidence and their underlying intention behind shaking it. This leads to me thinking of what motivation I can provide kids like me to overcome these circumstances. I think of what entertainment brought me to hope for the future growing up. I challenge myself to provide that same value and inspiration to my listeners.