DJ Omega Brings the Party to You with his Latest Anthem "Can't Wait"

Reigning from Philadelphia is the one and only DJ Omega, a DJ on the rise known for the wild rides he takes his listeners on as he paves his own roads in this industry.

He was always inspired by his family growing up. Music played a large role in the life of DJ Omega as he was immersed in melodies from a wide variety of genres and eras throughout his life, which have played a considerable part in the eclectic taste he puts forth in his creations. Since he's worked with the greats like Kanye West, Lil Dicky, Wale, Kevin Hart & Jerry Seinfeld, we know that he's next to experience stardom like his peers.

"Can't Wait" drips in feel good, late-night club vibes as we find ourselves instantly transported to that imagery in our minds. The discordant components seamlessly mash together as this debut single from DJ Omega provides a lively, up-tempo ambiance that forces you to get up out of your seat and move around. We don't think it's possible to sit still to this record!

Fusing new components that glisten upon the rhythm, around the halfway mark, allows us to see the artistic range that DJ Omega has to offer his listeners. The switch in tempo makes it so we can collect our thoughts and truly take in what went into the creative process of "Can't Wait." Using numerous elements that strike our ears as Electronic and Pop, we can easily see how DJ Omega lets his musical influences and background speak into the melodies he creates. It is no wonder that he is garnering major attention from A-list celebrities to all of the everyday listeners he has worldwide. Hitting the universe hard with "Can't Wait," DJ Omega's performance makes it, so we anxiously await his next release as we continue to see his name pop up left, right, and center.

Congratulations on the release of “Can’t Wait.” This record had us dancing around as soon as we heard it through the speakers! What inspired you to make this song your debut release?

Ha! Thanks, I just wanted to make something to keep people moving whether they’re at the gym, beach, or out with the homies.

When listeners hear “Can't Wait.” What is the first thing that you want them to take away from a track of this caliber?

I just wanted the people to feel the love vibes. This is the song that should remind you of crush

Known for working with some of the greats in the industry, how have you been able to adapt your workflow during Covid?

Indeed! Just had to take link-ups digital to get the foundation. Then take the proper precautions if needed to perform live.

If you could lend some motivational words to up and coming DJs trying to establish their name, what would they be?

Understand that this game is a business first and for any business to thrive it's going to need capital. Have your bread right

Do you have any other releases lined up before the end of 2020?

I have something special coming during the holiday season. Make sure to follow @omegaisdope on IG for the drop.