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Don Kon Gets the Party Jumping With “Friday Night”

If you’re looking for a dance tune that will get your body moving and grooving then we are here to tell you that Don Kon released the most epic club hit that will surely give you an exhilarating and energetic vibration!

Don Kon released the record “Friday Night”, a song that has multiple elements that cater to the party scene. The beat has this cool blend of electronic dance rhythms, combined with contemporary pop, and a slight hip-hop arrangement. This interesting fusion of soundings actually ends up serving as the root of Don Kon’s super smooth flow.

“Friday Night” is the perfect song to play in mainstream clubs, or at a local party with friends. “Friday Night” is the type of track that will accelerate the ambiance already evoked in a party atmosphere. The moment you hear the beat kick in with Don Kon’s, you know that there will be an epic delivery. Don Kon represents the unique genre of “Tropical House Music”. A multi-faceted individual, his tough production and skillful vocal delivery makes for a hard-hitting hit! We have to showcase how iconic the fusion of genres Don Kon uses, and how it transcends his very sound for listeners. “Friday Night” is easily digestible for a vast audience of listeners, so we recommend our readers check it out, and flow with the sounding of Don Kon!

You can listen to “Friday Night” by Don Kon here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Don Kon! Tell us about your upbringing, what got you into producing?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me wicked pumped to talk about my music and career with you! So I grew up in the small town of Harvard Massachusetts, about an hour away from Boston. Music has always been a huge part of my life. My earliest remembrance of discovering music was through my mom. She introduced me to classical music when I was young and I absolutely loved it.  While my dad introduced me to disco, funk, and rock. He had a big cabinet in our basement filled with CD’s he had collected over the years. As a child, I spent hours down there with my boombox listening to many different genres and generations of music. Let us just say I am very educated on 80’s music.

My mom insisted when she was raising my brother and me that we play a sport and play an instrument. My instrument of choice was the drums, even though she had hoped it would be something a lot quieter like the piano so everyone living in my house wouldn't go deaf. That leads to a band with a couple of my close friends. We had a band called “The Back Seat Drivers”. We had such a blast, we even recorded some of our own original songs in a studio which is crazy. I'm sorry to the recording technician that had to record us that day, I apologize to your ears. Anyways, as time went on, we all got busier and busier. We found less time to meet and then before you knew it, I was back to square one, just me and my drumset. I found this frustrating as all I wanted to do was music. Around this time I discovered a techno record in my dad's CD cabinet. Amazed by the sound, as it was a lot different than the Van Halen I was used to, I researched more into the genre. This is the moment that changed my life. Hundreds and thousands of people cheering for one person, one DJ, one producer. That is who I wanted to be, I wanted to create my own original music and perform in front of thousands of people. In the summer of 8th grade, I started my own SoundCloud and pulled up Garageband and bought a cheap DJ controller. Even though the music I created sounded like garbage, the feeling of creating something on your own and putting your name on it was the best feeling in the world. I created the name ‘DJ Big Al’ and DJ’d small house parties around my town.

Continuing to be persistent with this career path, I decided to take it more seriously. I dropped that goofy name and just went by my real name, Alex Magan. This is where I downloaded some professional software and plug-ins. I started branding more and eventually had a decent following within my school. “Endless Future” was my first major platform release. Watching people stream it, buy it, play it even though it was trash, was something that pushed me to keep creating and pursuing this dream of mine. Multiple releases later, I changed my name to “Don Kon”. All my life my aunt called me ‘Monkey’ due to my energetic lifestyle, that is where I got my logo. One day I was playing Super Mario Cart with my friend Johnny. I was playing as the character, Donkey Kong, and the idea of “Don Kon” popped into his head. From then on and 12 releases later that same dream I had as a 12-year-old kid has not faded. 

What was the most challenging aspect of producing “Friday Night”?

The most challenging part was actually releasing it. I created this track over the 2019 summer and its release was about a month away from 2020. I never felt like this track was finished, I constantly was going back to it and tweaking things, taking things out, adding different elements. I originally didn't have the saxophone in the drop. I had a vocal chop I made from the vocals.

As I kept listening to the song, it wasn't grabbing my ear. I needed something sexier, something that will get the head-bopping, feet moving, and booty shaking. What better than a saxophone I thought to myself. As soon as I added the sax, the whole vibe of the track changed. The only thing in the final release that I had in the first draft was vocal. That is how much I changed this track around. However, I am so happy with the way this track came out, I could not be happier. It really just shows you not to rush into anything and take your time. 

How would you describe the theme and vision you had for “Friday Night”?

Originally I had the vision to create a rap track. I wanted to change it up from my normal dance music style and reach a different audience (which I later did with my song ‘Rari Talk’). However, as stated above, once I added the saxophone my whole vision for this track changed. I moved the tempo up to 128 and added all the elements of a dance track. That is what you hear in the final release. I vision this song in the clubs for sure. I made this song so people could dance to it. On the day of its release, I was at a college party and sure enough, I hear the words “Try to catch me with the feelings…” My jaw dropped as people were actually genuinely dancing and enjoying the song without even knowing that the person who made it was dancing in the midst of them. It's a song about being with your friends, partying, and having a good time. That is why I made this track, to remind people that Friday is right around the corner and those good times are ahead.

What was your personal favorite element to “Friday Night” and why?

My personal favorite element is the mixture of two different genres, modern rap and dance music. This is my favorite because it draws in two different crowds into one song. Rap is one of the biggest genres right now and I found a way to incorporate it into my style of music. I had also done this with my previous release “Roll With Us”. To me, the flow of a rap vocal flows perfectly with the groove of the bass and the four on the floor kick drum. It makes people dance while they can still enjoy the sound of rap they know and love. This is one of the reasons why I love the art of music, no rules, no instructions. It's all about how creative the artist can be to catch the attention of the listener to deliver something they have never heard before. I hope to continue to work with rappers in the future and keep adding these different elements to keep developing my own sound. 

What’s next for you in 2020 Don Kon?

To keep doing what I love, making music and performing. I hope to reach more people with my music and expand my fanbase. I have my foot on the gas pedal and have cut the brake lines. I want to be able to do this for the rest of my life. Sitting back and letting a day go by when I am not promoting, practicing, or creating is not on my agenda. I plan this year in 2020 to get noticed by some big record labels and artists.

I plan to get my music heard in as many places as possible whether that be on TV or on the radio or even in your local coffee shop, I want my music to be heard. I have big dreams and the drive to achieve them. I would just like to thank you for whoever is reading this. The support from my fans is something that keeps me going every day and I would not be where I am today nor be on the path I am headed without them. Shoutout to my Mom, Dad, and my family love you guys so much, the L town boys you guys are the real ones, and anyone who has listened, added, reposted anyone of my tracks, you are all amazing. Be on the lookout for Don Kon, because I'm coming baby. 


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