Don't Sleep On Deadhawk FM's Latest Single, "Awake"

Swimming in a sound of Alternative Rock meets nostalgic Pop Punk, Toronto-based rock quartet, Deadhawk FM is fresh off the release of their edgy single, “Awake.”

If you’re in the market to be submerged in tight drum patterns, affluent guitar riffs, resonant vocals, and a bassline that shakes your core, look no further. The band consists of bandmates Shawn Hawley (guitar), Jay Godin (bass), drummer Carmine Mallia, and singer Stephan LaCasse, in order to form Deadhawk FM.

The band has covered the mass appeal for the boisterous persona that the band lives out through their heavy sound in, “Awake.” Staying true to the wistful homage paid in the lush instrumentation, the evocative feel of Deadhawk FM has their infectious energy gushing through the sound waves emitted.

Progressing through an arrangement that simmers in angst, you can’t help but tap your fingers and toes as the tempo switches up in sweet offerings of impactful lyrics. Creating thorough messaging in the lyrical motifs they represent, Deadhawk FM paints vivid imagery upon the Rock canvas that dips into hues of 2000’s Pop Punk.

There is no area of the song that lacks. Deadhawk FM truly asylums each component in, “Awake,” and allows it to flourish into the full embodiment of a cohesive statement that their audience is dying to hear.

As the band thrives in high voltage surges of musical buoyancy, they are known for not only allowing their music to be heard but to have their presence thoroughly felt in the pieces they put forth.

Congratulations on the release of, “Awake.” How did the creative process commence when bringing this track to life?

Awake is a song we wrote last year over the course of some live rehearsals and quite a few pre-pro recordings until recording with producer Kyle Marchant (Nightwell). We really built the tune around Carm's driving drumbeat in the verses and then that nice open chorus. Shawn (guitar) put a lot of work into the pre-pro side of things and the song went through a few iterations until where it ended up.

In your own words, what does this song mean to you guys as a collective? What are you hoping listeners take away from it?

It's a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, and glib in spots (like us!). The main theme of the lyrics is sort of a mix of being a bit disoriented from mixed messages from society, but also the freedom and confidence that comes from following your own path, regardless of the opinions of others. As far as the vibe of the song, we just love delivering the high-energy rawness. It's the best outlet and we feel really stoked that we have a chance to keep creating as a band and that somehow we got the timing right to be able to release a song when we're in lockdown.

Through the events of 2020 leading into 2021, how have you managed to stay inspired as a band?

As musicians, playing and rehearsing live is definitely the most fun part of the process. We miss it so much. But on the flip-side, we've really doubled-down on our vision for the future and have been writing a ton of new songs. We've been doing the Zoom thing too, which is a poor substitute for a proper jam, but still rad in a way. There are a lot of creative advantages to the simplicity of the lockdown lifestyle. The struggle is to stay motivated when it doesn't feel like much is changing around you. We really lean on each other for motivation and that has been a life-saver in so many ways.

How have you grown as a band and as individuals from your first release to, “Awake?"

We're getting a lot better at writing apart from each other - and overall getting better at the different collaboration tools available for making the most of that lockdown life. I think when we started, the punk influences of our youth were more of what shone through. Now, we're leaning a lot more into our rock and alternative roots and having a blast with it. I don't know if it honestly sounds like as much of a shift as it feels like for us, but going forward it is really opening up new creative possibilities.

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

The thing about DHFM, is that for every song we release, we have 20 that we haven't released. Maybe one day we'll release a 300 song compendium! For now, we'll probably stick to an EP or two a year. Also, we love making videos so be sure to check them out on our YouTube channel!