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Dre Day 100 Raises the Bar with Each Hip-Hop Explosion

Dre Day 100 is a multitalented artist on the rise whose contagious charisma and vibrant personality are capturing the attention of Hip-Hop fans everywhere.

Heavily influenced by old-school Hip-Hop, Dre Day 100 always incorporates old-school flavors which brings his contemporary tracks elements of nostalgia. Dre Day 100 has recently collaborated with lyricist and producer R0bTech, and the pair have released their first flaming single “Proof of Death.”

Together, Dre Day 100 and R0bTech adopt a yin and yang dynamic, which promotes the production of a versatile masterpiece constructed from each artist’s unique music style.

Their recent release “Proof of Death” showcases an active energy progression from dark and mysterious to youthful contentment. With every new release, Dre Day 100 continues to evolve in every aspect, from personality to creativity to songwriting. Fans can only expect the bar to continue to raise with each sonic explosion that Dre Day 100 provides us.

Discover more about Dre Day 100, here.


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