Dre Perez Brings Vigor and Heart to Latest Single "Bluez"

Dre Perez has always had his heart fully embedded into the music scene. Growing up, Perez was faced with many tribulations that shaped him to be the kind of artist he is today, and ultimately the kind of music he creates. In 2016, Dre Perez released his first project, Thatz On Me, which featured a unique blend of witty lyricism with a punchy delivery. Today, Dre Perez continues to create and unleash his sound, most recently releasing his single, "Bluez."

"Bluez" has that familiar rap style that Dre Perez usually takes on with his music, but with a slight twist to incorporate the best of the old-school with the modern-day style. With a persistent and constant underlying beat, "Bluez" production intertwines the kind of synths you'd expect in early 00's rap tracks, with the more modern lines used in a contemporary trap single. The combination ends up being very addicting, stimulating a confident and bustling atmosphere that's all too easy to find yourself hypnotized by.

Infused with potent energy, "Bluez" gets the heart beating and body moving, which is the best type of effect music can manifest. Check out "Bluez," which is available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dre Perez. Music has undoubtedly had an impact on your life growing up. Which components of music would you say most influenced you to be the artist you are today? I would say rhythm and harmony. Grew up hearing a lot of the old school blues records like “The Whispers” “The Confunkshuns” “Al Green” u know those sort of artist my mama was big on music. She also played rap mostly No Limit records which was a big influence on me and one of the reasons I started to rap. But similar to the old school music you know no limit would sample a lot of those records I heard growing up making it rap so that was super dope to me how they could take those harmonies about love and make it hip hop for the streets and just things we saw in our everyday life.

Congratulations on releasing "Bluez." What aspect of this release are you most proud of? It’s dope to me because I have another artist from my hometown and my generation that’s on this particular song with me Mb58 is an artist that I actually listen to and enjoy his music outside of this song so it’s super dope to me. I’m most proud about how I know this song could actually bring my city together and see the big picture of making dope music together all my life my city has been in competition.

How would you say "Bluez" compares to your first project, "Thatz On Me?" I would say “That’s on Me” I feel like had something to prove. I was worried about being accepted like is my city gon f... with this. How should I come ya know ..."Bluez" is more comfortable, this Dre is more of the confident I know I’m dope, Dre. Bluez just shows the today me pretty much I’m still the same but now it cost you "Bluez." "Bluez" I’m talking about 100 dollar bills blue faces this a job I’m serious about it That’s on me I was serious to but now I’m on GO. And at the same time due to covid 19, we were all masked up practicing social distancing and that was ok with me because I’m anti-social anyway. So "Bluez" was basically about running a check (money ) up during covid.

What are you hoping listeners take away from "Bluez?"

The message I want people to take away from Bluez is to have fun and talk yo sh*t if you handling your business. We live in a world today where everything is about getting the bag so why not talk a little shit while you getting to it. And I just want them to know Dre Perez music is good vibes. This particular song I made during the pandemic so I slid the social distancing bars in there just to relate to the world at the same time so yea hopefully they stayed masked up while u talked yo sh*t.

What's next for you?

#HhSiccShyt it’s my next project. I'm two singles in which are out on all music platforms and videos out on YouTube. “Mucho Gwapo” feat Dwalk and of course “Bluez” feat Mb58 these songs are both featured by artists in my hometown. I’m excited about this project got to show a different side of me on a few songs that touched subjects I normally wouldn’t. The production is crazy to me it’s just something to look forward to can’t wait for people to hear it, and just keep going. Music has always been a passion of mine so I’m doing it till I can’t!