Dream Larger Than Life With @.E and Emanuel David's, "At Our Dreams"

@.E gives fans a taste of what’s in store with his latest single, “At Our Dreams,” featuring Emanuel David.

Port Chester born, and Buffalo raised multi-talented Hip-Hop, Trap, and R&B artist, @.E (A.E) is continuously motivating other artists to follow in his own footsteps.

Getting into music around July 2020 on his way to California from NYC, @.E ventured into the studio with a friend and was instantly found himself inspired. Music has eternally helped @.E through the trials and tribulations life has set in place for him and it is in fact the reason why he decided to pursue a career in music as the creative genius he is.

@.E takes it upon himself to lend a helping hand to others in their artistic journey. What fuels the fire of @.E’s career is his internal belief and faith, not only through the power above but through self-assurance and self-confidence that keeps him moving forward each day. Even though his artistic expedition is only beginning, it’s safe to say that @.E has the power and stamina to continue for years to come.

“At Our Dreams,” entices you with the delicate melody of the instrumentation gracefully grooving through a UK style soundscape. @.E produces a clear and present vocalization of his hard-hitting lyrical abilities with witty quips and unmatched rhyme schemes. The depth in his voice matches the composition in a mesmerizing manner as his lyrics explode with force through each verse we are taken through.

The title speaks for itself. “At Our Dreams,” exudes a vibrant pledge of dedication and work ethic that is put forth in the abstract storytelling style of @.E. If we can take one thing away from this record, it’s that @.E will persevere through anything that life throws at him as he stacks up against his empire.

In the second verse, we are given the animated personality of Emanuel David. His clever wordplay is on par with the tone that @.E has set and Emanuel David does not disappoint in his empowering performance. The well-timed charismatic ad-libs he offers contributes a different dimension of flair on this track that breaks the verses up in a sizzling way. The dynamic duo gifts us a boost of confidence as we turn up the volume and roll the windows down in our cars.

“At Our Dreams,” is nothing short of magnetic as we found ourselves instantly pulled in and hanging on to each word performed by both @.E and Emanuel David.

Listen to "At Our Dreams," here.

Congratulations on the release of “At Our Dreams.” This song drips in energy! We would love to know; how did the collaboration of yourself and Emanuel David come to life?

So I've known Emmanuel David since elementary school in Williamsville, NY, (a suburb in buffalo)...we've always stayed in contact. He has been doing music for years but mainly singing. I've known this but when I drove to Cali from NY I was sent the beat by another friend who was also in Cali. I always knew eventually id try to do something with music ...you know take that "chance", it was inevitable to me that I would, but it was always in singing..never rapping, in fact, I'd laugh when people say I have the voice for it cause I'm like dude, "I'm not a rapper"...but I sent my friend Emmanuel the track and the hook cause I really came up with it right the first time I heard it in my car....sitting next to my other friend in front of Santa Monica beach in the parking lot, never forget it.

Mad hot...but anyway I just sought advice from him and he said "man I got something for that, you're going to think is dope" I'm like really? so I just had to finish my part first, I told him it would go good with the 2nd verse the way I had it planned out...I really just knew how I was going to approach it, was weird but then I remember him sending it back a week later after I recorded everything about a week after I found the hook...I was walking the Santa Monica beach boardwalk as I was doing daily in the summer, I remember it starting getting dark out coming from Venice.

I got an email of his verse and I had my headphones in listening, and tbh I was worried cause I needed it to be good the way I had my 3rd verse going...so I was nervous, he's a singer but yet I was confident in him...it was so dope, my face you could tell I was by myself and I was hyped, jumping up and down, kind of jogging instead of walking at that point and was so thankful.

Could you take us into what the studio session was like when creating this record?

I went to the studio a week after I made the hook. It was actually my 1st ever studio session by myself the first time was a week before that but just to observe even though I recorded a track that day too! (Santa Monica)...I just remember being so nervous because I was really all by myself with just the engineer Anthony Nguyen...it was easier since he was in the last session and made sure he was there so he already heard me rap,...I just did it, I kinda did it like nothing to lose in a way...the 06' Bryant line was literally improv and a mistake, you can tell I kinda just threw it in there real quick, I actually told my engineer, hey let's do that again I accidentally threw that in, sounded rushed and he was like no dude that was such a "hotline" I laughed. But then it went smoothly from there, got the trackback from Eman, and then finished it up.

What is the meaning behind “At Our Dreams”? Did any certain story inspire it?

The meaning is really the title ...at our dreams...I'm at an age (32) that really you don't see mc's come out new and really get exposure...I believe anything u put ur mind and heart to you can achieve. I drove from NY to Cali to really just do music. I left my apartment in NY and just realized that this trip would change my life and it would be to chase my dreams and I just know that even if I don't reach them that it'll get me farther then I ever thought I could go and would love to be that story of a man you don't need to look like a rapper, you don't need to be young, you don't need to be experienced, you just need a drive and a work ethic. You gotta have that passion and I just feel when it comes to music I naturally have that ..it excites me. so I found it very easy to come up with the track cause it was literally what I was going through...and the beat is dope.

What would you like your listeners to take away from this song?

I just want people to know that I'm doing it...and most people that know me know how random it is so it's really possible to do random things with max effort. "I got no choice" "head full steam" I left for California and really rearranged my whole life so I had no choice in my mind to go full go and my head needs to be right to do it also.

Do you have any other releases planned before the end of 2020?

Yes, I have so many tracks coming out...my album or ep will be titled parked car vibes...as most of my darkest nights have been in there and also alot of my songs have been written in there also...I have tracks produced by ke on the track, the premise on the beat just to name a few, and will be doing a track with my cousin who I actually inspired to do music and produce and shes dope sent me a beat that I loved so much (she did it on her phone) that I wrote a freestyle to it called "gentleman's freestyle".., be known as "Jackie" proud of her.