“Dreams” By Kaydence Showcases Angelic Vocals And Lyrical Versatility

Kaydence is a gifted singer/songwriter, producer, actress, and model. She the epitome of an independent artist and his versatile creativity manifests itself in many ways. Kaydence began her passion for singing and performing in Jamaica. As she honed her craft, Kaydence found herself moving from the sunny skies of Jamaica to the bittersweet streets of Jamaica, NY. Kaydence began her journey as a performer when an encore earning P.A.L. rendition of Toni Braxton’s “How Could An Angel Break My Heart, committed Kaydence to the path she walks today. After a long road of musical and acting experience, Kaydence is gearing up to release her debut project.

Dreams” is a song that carefully walks the line between urban, R&B, and hip-hop, appealing with familiarity but also engaging the more thoughtful listener with a uniquely dreamlike ambiance, a clear level of character, and a poetic and emotional lyrical drive. Kaydence’s vocal style is mature, captivating, and charmingly raspy. There’s an accessible nature to the melody in “Dreams”, the rise up from the gentle verse to the uplifting hook, but with that, you get a notable level of personality and style that helps move the song away into its realm. Contrast is utilized effortlessly, in both the development of the instrumentation and in Kaydence’s own varied and passionate performance. The song is addictively enjoyable, seeming partly classic, nostalgic and trip-hop inspired, and a fresh and exciting alternative to the mainstream loops of today.

Check out “Dreams” here and read more with Kaydence in our exclusive interview! 

Hey Kaydence! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We’re hypnotized by your voice! Have you had any professional training or having you honed your vocal style over time? 

I have always had my own vocal style, but over the years, I have dibble and dabbled in different things that have helped enhance, my craft. Life and nature is such a vibe and rhythm. Sometimes I surprise myself at all the things I’ve done playing around, which comes out to be great. Thanks to my amazing mentors along the way, I am still finding ways to recreate and fine-tune my craft.

We’re really vibing with your new single! What does your track “Dreams” mean to you? What inspired this song? 

Dreams, wasn’t intended for a specific person or an intentional song. The melody intoxicated my spirit. The cadence took me back to a place familiar. It was a song of reflection. What we deem as perfection is an illusion of self. We sometimes dream to suit our wants, but often don’t fulfill our needs. The song “Dreams” was inspired by an experience we all go through. We experience love in a way that we don’t realize, will break us down, you can’t forget the pain, but the lesson was meant to open our eyes. I wanted this song to evoke conflicting emotions. Smoking mirrors on a high....but, when you fall it’s quick and the pain felt, feels endless.  To go back to what once broke us, would only cause us to lose ourselves. Waking up from that dream is the way we evolve on our journey.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? 

I don’t want to take away from anyone. So many of my family members whether in one way or another has impacted my life on a musical level. Several people have really encouraged and cheered me on. My mother has always encouraged me to march the beat of my own drum. Both my grandmothers have always encouraged me to sing because I was destined for greatness. My aunts, uncles, and cousins are always telling me to keep pushing. My grandmother that has recently passed has taught me morals on a different plane and it has truly ignited my passion to sing and be heard.

Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your new song “Dreams”? 

Dreams, in our perspective, is our own interpretation of how we want to, and or view things. It’s supposed to represent life. We have no control over dreaming. We dream to know but we live to set the action to those dreams. We may not be in control of where we are heading and how the journey begins but we are in control of how it ends unless of course, it’s inevitable. My grandmother taught me that there is true meaning behind every dream and that everything isn’t what it seems.

You’ve had such a strong love and passion for music at such a young age. How have you and your music grown since you first started writing versus now?

Although I can’t fully pinpoint how I’ve evolved, I did take note of some things. Before, I wrote music solely based on one genre. I was afraid to take it there, with my thoughts, talents and true capabilities. Now, I write from so many levels, whether, spiritually, different perspectives on life, different genres. Anything can become a cadence to me. Hence why my name is Kaydence. 


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