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Drenalin Shows No Signs of Slowing Down After the Release of "24K"

"24K" by Drenalin is an electric metal and rock anthem that will intoxicate listeners' with their high voltage sound.

As a huge contributor to the sports industry through compositions for various professional sports leagues, Drenalin has received five Promax awards, one Emmy Award, and two Emmy nominations.

"24K" offers a new flair that aligns with Drenalin's previous songs yet provides a unique music progression for the band. Passion encloses and captivates this sound and encourages individuals to conquer everything they do.

The edgy, genre-bending band encases the "adrenaline, perseverance and glory of victory associated with sports" through this piece. It encourages listeners to do anything and everything possible on their route to success.

As mentioned in interviews, "24K" offers a new style of Drenalin while keeping their authentic heavy, and thrilling sound. Exhilaration, dominance, and anticipation will be felt through every listener's bones as this song will have you captivated and filled with powerful energy.

Discover more about Drenalin here.

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