Drew Brizzi x Malo Gives Us A New Trail-Blazing Hit, “Options”

Drew Brizzi x Malo released the latest record titled “Options” and this song will surely leave you coming for more. First, let’s talk about this slapping beat. The production in “Options” was aggressive, had an intense punch, and kept the listener in-tuned with the lyrics. The beat served as a great foundation for the explosive delivery that was about to occur! The delivery in “Options” was extremely exhilarating and addictive. Drew Brizzi x Malo places his listener on an energetic roller coaster of dynamics that manages to keep your adrenaline at an all-time high.

Drew Brizzi x Malo had a unique rap voice that’s individualistic to him and his artistry. It’s the kind of voice that makes the song pops due to its complex style and detailed flare. Alongside his eccentric voice, he has a fire flow that will make everything 10 times more sensational. Drew Brizzi x Malo knew exactly how to coordinate “Options” to where it would compliment the trending style of today’s hip-hop while also remaining as a reflection of Drew Brizzi x Malo’s own personal style! Drew Brizzi x Malo’s authentic songwriting skills can come from the fact that he’s a poet himself. This gives him a slight advantage because he knows exactly how to formulate a meaning through imagery and metaphors. His combination of Spanglish trap with hip-hop and rap will cater to a large audience and garner him the fanbase he deserves.

You can listen to “Options” by Drew Brizzi x Malo here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Drew Brizzi! Who were some of your early inspirations for music and why?

Some of my early inspirations had to be 2pac, Jr Writer, and Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne I found they had an impact on every beat, and put in heart and soul in all the lyrics they wrote 

Talk to us about your new hit single “Options”. What was the most challenging aspect of creating this record and how did you overcome the obstacle?

The most challenging thing about creating Options was when I had to mesh a hip hop vibe with a Christmas theme. I overcame it with the perfect flow and minimal Christmas words but the right amount, on top of the right instrumental 

How was it collaborating with Malo on “Options”?

It was great collaborating with my cousin Malo, he will be on few more of my singles in January 

How would you describe your songwriting approach to “Options”?

During writing Options I had approached it a few different ways then I had tried lyrics I had for a different instrumental for the hook and it landed perfect, I'm really happy how it turned out Do you think your background in poetry has benefitted your songwriting abilities?

Yes I absolutely think my background in poetry has benefitted, I have been putting certain messages within lyrics that poets commonly do and listeners love that  What’s next for you Drew Brizzi

Next for me is a new single coming out called "Walk Away" late January with a music video also will be on all streaming platforms, following with more singles and then I'll be dropping an album in May.