Drift Away To The Sound Of “Summer Wasting” By Youth Yamada

Youth Yamada is a singer/songwriter and instrumentalist born in Philadelphia and raised in Japan. With his left-handed guitar, harmonica and accompanied by the subtle clapping sounds of the Khartal, Youth Yamada plays soulful folk music straight from the heart. His songs are hypnotically catchy, upbeat and gives his audience melodies that are unforgettable.

From the very first listen, the vibe and the mood created by “Summer Wasting” has a very positive feel to it; the music is smooth, optimistic and uplifting, in a gentle and easy to understand manner. The lyrics are very poetic, powerful and unique imagery, a real streak of originality and intrigue. Musically, Youth Yamada has so much to offer. His creativity really shines through with some completely fresh and unexpected chords progressions; it’s peacefully chaotic in it’s expression, and it creates the kind of mood that is difficult to pinpoint, but that feels emotional and real. “Summer Wasting” is a really great song, and a nice step up in mood, just at the right time.

Check out “Summer Wasting” here and read more with Youth Yamada in our interview below! 

Hey Youth Yamada! Welcome to BuzzMusic. For those who don’t know, how would you describe your sound and your approach to songwriting?

My favorite is all the 60’s music&cultures, and earlier Jazz. So I’ve been listening to them a lot, and write about my life in NYC or just imaginary stories. 

Who or what would you say inspires you the most, creatively?

Picasso, Hokusai, and All the creatures on the Earth 

Can you dive into the lyrics of your latest release “Summer Wasting”?

Even though it’s about Summer, it came with the personal regrettable feeling. And wondering how I’ve spent my life.

What do you hope listeners take away from this song?

Just hope they can see themselves more from their personal experiences.

What was the songwriting process like for this, and do you ever worry about disclosing too much...or is it better to just go with the flow when writing?

Go with the flow is the best way for the artists, because you need some time to digest your experiences and so on. But I don’t know if it’s any good for the listeners.


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