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Drumroll Please...The Spotlight Is On Jay Adim And His, "Home"

Jay Adim is your modern-day multi-genre artist who doesn't conform to one style which is why his music fashion is tenderly versatile.

During his exclusive BuzzMusic interview, Jay Adim shared that "Home" is a tribute to freedom, yet also knowing your authentic roots. He resonates with the impactful narrative himself by feeling Nigeria is his true second "home," a place where he has deeply engrained roots, although he has never even been.

Such a powerful and moving energy is felt with Jay Adim and his roots, which is what led to the creative explosion that came to be "Home." As a music writer and performer, Jay Adim is learning the depths of communicating and expressing himself to the masses.

We can't wait to see how Jay Adim will continue to grow next with his sound and overall mindset as an artist.

Read our full interview with Jay Adim x BuzzMusic, here.

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