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Find Your Way "Home" With Jay Adim's Latest Release

Originally Lumberton, New Jersey’s very own Jay Adim grew up as a performer from the young age of four. Wearing many hats as an actor, singer-songwriter, pianist, and artist, he discovered his love for music with a sense of wonder.

Priding himself on his mass success as an independent artist, he canceled out any labels, fears, and rules to express himself through his artistry. Often floating between Jazz, R&B, Neo-soul, and Pop, Jay Adim is what you would get if John Legend and Stevie Wonder had a child.

Tapping into his most recent single, “Home,” we get to experience the well-rounded sound of Jay Adim as he conveys higher vibrations amongst the grounded essence of his persona.

In a lively environment that conjures up a series of grooves more infectious than the last, you can’t help but get lost in the soothing buoyancy that’s projected in this record.

Picking up on lyrical motifs such as, ‘I feel a strange connection it’s insane. And it gets stronger every time I say your name,’ we hear Jay Adim express how he wants to venture back home to Nigeria as he professes his love for where he resides in the USA at this present moment, as well as his appreciation for his roots that will always be stationed in his birthplace.

Touring us through the emotions, he experiences in a way that has us moving out of our seats to the tightly knit percussion traveled in the instrumentation is rather genius. It ties us into the musical development of this record from both a personal standpoint as well as the viewpoint of a consumer looking to ride the waves of Jay Adim’s motions “Home.”

Get absorbed in the blissful utopia of “Home” as you stream it today on your favorite streaming platform.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jay Adim, and congratulations on the release of "Home." With a concept that sounds so light in the way it's projected, could you please share the layers of depth that are actually conveyed through this song?

"Home" started as a piano idea I had. After creating the form, I started playing with lyrics and trying to feel what I wanted to say. The track itself lends itself to lightness, yet some lows to keep you grounded. I was mirroring the facts of being free to go wherever you please yet still having a sense of "home" or grounded-ness if that makes sense.

What has your experience been like in both Nigeria and the USA? Do you have any plans to travel back home anytime soon?

I have never actually been to Nigeria! That's the kick and true meaning behind this entire song. It is something I feel. There is a lot of American music that I can't and won't feel the need to dance to, yet when a good majority of African music or Afro-beats come on, it's almost as if I start moving to it uncontrollably. That's only one example, but there are so many ties that I have back to Nigeria that I truly call it a second "Home," even though I haven't been there.

If your audience can reflect on a specific message buried in "Home," what would you like that to be?

I want everyone to take away the message of being free to express themselves and their culture no matter where they're from. No matter what the song is, I always seem to push some freedom of expression and celebration of self.

What has been your proudest moment experienced throughout your artistic career this far?

My proudest moment thus far has been the slow momentum toward expressing and sharing more of myself and my ideas. I've met some well-known artists, musicians, and amazing people along the way that I have to give credit to for providing me with the inspiration or the drive to keep pushing forward. I'm grateful for every day, and I hope that listeners walk away learning something new or taking away something that'll improve their lives. I always say life is a balance; I'm just here trying to tip the scale in a more positive direction.


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