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Durand Heats The Rap Game Up With “Fire”

Durand is an Ohio artist who brings life back into hip-hop with his clever word-play, unique flow, and unmatched style. Durand released the single titled “Fire” and just as the title says, the song was HEAT. The opening was killer! I instantly had to replay it over because the introduction had me so geeked and raised my anticipation! The slapping bass in the beat showed a melodic aggressive trap production and it was badass.

The tune in the opener highlighted the hook for the record, and it was undeniably brilliant. Right when Durand’s verse transitions in, we were taken for a huge surprise! His wordplay was incredible. The flow, control, and delivery was nothing less than perfect. He seemed as if he was born for this, and as if rapping is something that has always been something he was meant to do! The passion is displayed in the tough projection of each intense verse, and clever punchline. Durand gave us an all-around hit, and we’re sure he’s bound to do some amazing things in the rap game! He’s one to keep an eye out on for sure.

Listen to "Fire" here and get to know more about Durand below!

Hey Durand! Mind introducing yourself and telling us a bit about your background?

I'm Durand Robertson From a small city in Ohio working to put Fremont on the map. I started writing when I was 14 but didn't really start taking it serious and recording till I was 21. Where I'm from it just wasnt realistic for anyone to make it far but after my close friends heard my new music they pushed me to start taking it serious.

Where did you develop this insane flow!?

Has it always been something natural to your artistry? When I started rapping my flow was the one thing that came naturally. I had to really work at everything els but the flow was on point.

Let’s talk about the record “Fire”, what was the theme behind this song?

Its been almost 2 years since my last album so I wanted to make a dope intro for my new album letting the people know I'm back. I wanted to catch everyones attention from the jump. And from all the positive feedback that's exactly what it did!

In what ways does “Fire” fit into the main message of your project “Underground Mainstream” ?

Like I said before it started the album out perfect. It really represents who i am and displays my talent with the raw truth telling verses and a simple catchy but powerful hook.

How do you plan on elevating the next album from “Underground Mainstream”!?

I'm just gonna keep growing and working on my craft. There is always room for improvement. I really wanna make sure my next album sound even better sonically. I write my life, what I see, and what goes on around the world so as far as my next album the concept is always the same... Thought out but never forced and from the soul!


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