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DVZE Takes Us Back To The 90's With This Classic Yet Modern Track “Celebrate Us”

David Daze bka as DVZE, is an artist, songwriter, music producer, and audio engineer. This multi talented artist is from Toronto and is making is stamp in the music scene. Growing up, DVZE made beats and attended beat battles across the entire U.S. and Canada. He also grew up in a church choir where he knew he had a passion for urban music. DVZE took to freestyling and rapping and from there lead him to recording his own music in studios. Due to his dissatisfaction with other producers work, he decided to buy his own equipment and produce his own music. Through his journey of self producing he was able to find his sound within the genres of RnB, trapsoul, and pop music. Ready for the world releasing his first single, mixed and mastered by DVZE himself, “Celebrate Us”. A single dedicated to celebrating being a couple in a relationship. Looking forward to what this guy has to offer!

This guys has skills! Autotune was used properly with a mix of the 808 in this track oh man! I really love the message in this song. It’s not enough of the ‘relationship’ celebration in RnB anymore and to hear it is a pleasant surprise. And it’s super catchy! This is easily a song you can keep on repeat or visualize yourself with your significant other vibing to the beat. I appreciate an artist that not only is the artist but mixes and masters the music themselves. That is a difficult art to master and for DVZE he has it all!

Listen to "Celebrate Us" here and get to know more about DVZE below!

What’s up DVZE! Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Im a Toronto based Music Producer/ Artist / Songwriter/ Musician and Audio Engineer.  My main Genres include Rnb/Trapsoul and Pop music. I produce and mix music in all genres for other artist also.

You seem like a really detailed type of artist. What would you say your biggest challenge is ‘doing it all’?

My biggest challenge is managing and balancing time between music and life.  The fact that I play many roles has me all over the place but at the end of the day I am very productive when it comes to making music. I work a 9-5 full-time job during the week which takes up most of my time and have other immediate priorities in life to tackle which leaves me with little time to create. Im usually up during late hours creating music due to the fact the my day is busy.  Time management is definitely my biggest challenge.

Who’s your top 3 most influential artists?

My top 3 most influential artist are 1. 2pac Shakur   2. Nipsey Hussle   3. The Dream

I enjoy that you chose to do a song about celebrating togetherness. Why did you choose to create and release “Celebrate Us”?

I chose to create this song because I feel like togetherness brings people to together. (no pun intended) It was a vibe a caught in the studio while writing. The beat felt like love and happiness to me and I feel thats whats couples in a relationship strive for "Love and Happiness".  I figured id write about celebrating us, celebrating our love and happiness for each other which all couple worldwide can relate to.

What is your favorite sound used in this track and why?

My favourite sound used in this beat is the sweet Rhodes chord progression I played. Gives it that smooth R&b sound.

What's next for you?

I have a few more singles done and ready to release this year. Also working on production with other aspiring r&b and trap artist and mixing and master other artist works.


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