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Dyan Tai Celebrates Cultural And Queer Diversity In Empress 皇后

From Sydney, Australia, to the world, multi-disciplinary and queer artist Dyan Tai released their new EP "Empress 皇后" showing the best synth-pop and electronic music.

Dyan Tai is a Malaysian artist who lives in Australia. Dyan Tai was trained in classical piano and violin while growing up in Malaysia, then took up vocal training in 2009 when they moved to Sydney and started producing as a DJ in 2013. Thus, Dyan Tai has a long relationship with music. Besides, this cultural mix and Dyan Tai's queer identity feed their art.

Being aware of the cultural and sexual diversity of people in Australia, Dyan Tai was motivated to make music that could express that richness. Thus, they decided to create "Empress 皇后" in collaboration with fellow artists from LGBTQI+ and BIPOC communities across Australia. "Empress 皇后" is the call for an open world full of arts and love.

The first track is "Do It 4 U," in collaboration with AnSo, a South-Korean experimental pop artist you can hear rapping in Korean. "Do It 4 U" is as relaxing as empowering due to its lyrics about queer love. It has dreamy instrumentals using digital piano, live guitars, and Gamelan, a South-Asian percussion instrument. Besides, you will indulge in masterful vocal skills.

Then we listen to "Nightlife," where Dyan Tai's dark pop side shines. Dyan Tai sampled traditional instruments from Malaysian and Indonesian, Gamelan, and Japanese Taiko drums in a synth-pop style you would listen to during a club night. This song is full of Lady Gaga vibes with a robust South-Asian sense. It sounds like nothing you have heard before.

"We Can't Forget" is a collaboration with Mindy Meng Wang 王萌, a song that reminds you that some feelings never leave, but you can grow around them, and relying on your community helps. You could describe "We Can't Forget" as an electro-ballad. It sounds emotional and nostalgic but has an upbeat rhythm, which pairs perfectly with the message.

Let's dive into "Get On It," a romantic and seductive ballad that mixes synth-pop and R&B. It has an ethereal and exciting ambiance thanks to its instrumentals, including the gamelan and melodic synth notes. The rap of Jamaica Moana and Dyan Tai's sweet vocals help "Get On It" transmit a chilling but euphoric energy. Plus, the chorus is so catchy you will sing along.

The flourish of "Empress 皇后" is "Unholy Monkey!" This collaboration with Salllvage is an experimental electronic track that immerses you in an Asiatic soundscape using the sounds of trip-hop and live recordings from the First Nations. It contrasts organic and digital sounds where Dyan Tai's voice makes a mysterious middle point. It is like an open ending.

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