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Dylan Joseph Reminds Us That Life Is Precious With “44”

Dylan Joseph is a country singer-songwriter from Thousand Oaks, California. Although he always had a natural talent for music, Dylan spent most of his life pursuing a career in baseball. It wasn’t until he sustained two career-ending injuries that he decided to switch focus to his other dream of being a musician. He may have been gunning for a future playing in the MLB, but Dylan Joseph’s long-standing history with music is evident in his songs. He learned to play the drums and guitar as a teenager; they always had drums at home since his dad is a drummer. After years of playing his favorite country hits, he had a desire to start creating his own music. Dylan Joseph has already found success in songwriting; writing a song for YouTube’s show “Malibu Surf” and co-writing the song, “Just Friends.”

His most recent release “44” is a nostalgic country song. It begins with a sentimental piano as background. The tone of the song stays serious and emotional during the verses before it picks up at the chorus. Dylan Joseph introduces a drumming beat during the chorus as his vocals pick up, giving the song more energy. The focus of “44” is on Dylan’s lyrics; he tells a story about struggles that his family has experienced. In general, the lyrics encourage listeners to appreciate the people in our lives and avoid taking things for granted. Dylan Joseph’s “44” is a tender country song that will remind you to appreciate the people you love.

Stream "44" here.



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