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Dynamic Duo And Indie-Pop Collective The Paper Flowers Release “The Wolf”

Quun and Bartolomeo teamed up mid-2018 to form The Paper Flowers. They knew from the moment they first recorded together that they had authentic chemistry that would enhance their ability as artists like never before. Based in Santa Cruz, California, the duo combines deeply personal lyricism with catchy eletro-pop soundscapes. This combination allows the listener to find small moments of escapism embedded into The Paper Flowers’ work. 

They’re latest EP “In A Different Life” pays a nod to the 80’s through their use of synth-pop aesthetics, they leave you feeling nostalgic, yet seemingly refreshed by their alluring arrangements. Featured on the EP, “The Wolf” brings through a compelling sense of beauty, togetherness, and intention. The gradual instrumental build-up supports The Paper Flowers’ simple yet stunning melody lines, the whole thing is designed to slowly but surely envelop and engage you, creating a series of moments that increasingly lift you up as you fall deeper into the music. “The Wolf” includes subtle yet powerful and refreshingly honest music and songwriting. The Paper Flowers have a sound, unlike anything we’ve heard in recent months and are a welcome addition to our playlists. We recommend you give them a listen and stay tuned for what they deliver next!

Listen to “The Wolf” here and check out our interview with The Paper Flowers below! 

Hey Quun and Bartolomeo! Great to have you here on BuzzMusic. Any words you'd like to share with our readers about the way you articulate your music together?

B & Q: Thanks for having us! Our musical journey together began with us being fans of each other's solo music, and The Paper Flowers is a perfect melting pot of both of our different styles and sensibilities. The Paper Flowers is our passion project and, as we like to describe it, a musical diary for the both of us. Our process of creating is highly emotional and therapeutic, and our music reflects that heavily.

“The Wolf" was a very versatile and compelling track. Are you able to dive deeper into the honest meaning of the song?

Q: "The Wolf" was written closer to the final stages of the EP being done, we were in the process of moving from Santa Cruz to Los Angeles and staying near Yosemite to finish the EP. The song was written about the girl that I was dating in Santa Cruz. It was a bad relationship and I was finally leaving Santa Cruz and leaving her. The song is about the last minute feelings you get after leaving a bad relationship, right before you finally get over the person. When you're leaving for good and not looking back. When you think about all the good things that happened between you two, but in the end you know it's best to keep moving along in life. 

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your new EP “In A Different Life”?

B: Prince. Prince lives in every corner of my mind and has infiltrated every fiber of my being. His simple yet catchy and genius way of writing and producing music has created timeless and endlessly enjoyable songs that will be remembered forever. Creating that kind of music has sort of been our goal too, although our own emotional outpouring comes first and foremost with our music, everything else is secondary.

The songs in your repertoire remain diverse, yet familiar enough to develop your true sound. What song in your catalog would you say perfectly describes your sound?

B: Start Over New has got to be the best summation of what we’re trying to say with our music. It’s somber and reflective lyrically, with a sound to match, and that’s just us in a nutshell.

It was amazing showcasing "The Wolf" to our listeners, and getting to know you as an artist in the process! Any words you'd like to leave the BuzzMusic community off with?

B & Q: Thank you so much for the opportunity! We currently are almost finished recording our full length album and it is absolutely phenomenal, so be on the lookout for it by following our socials for updates!   


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