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Echoglass Released The Sensational Record “Lonely”

Echoglass is a band that was formed in 2016 and created eclectic music influenced by a vast range of genres. With their heritage deep in the great North West of England music scene, they are inspired by the artists, poets, and legends of the region like Shaun Ryder, Ian Curtis, Pete Shelley, Gary Aspden, LS Lowry, The Beatles, and more. Echoglass is composed of DA McKenna, Remmy, and Bo. They are currently independent and release their music on Darkhouse Recordings. Prior to forming Echoglass the various members busked, begged and carried out a variety of unsavory professions in order to feed their need for exquisite dining, fine alcohol, casual terrace wear, and Spezial things.

We took a listen to their single titled “Lonely” and this smooth track will move its listener and have you mesmerized by the riveting production and augmented and passionate vocals. The vocal delivery created this melancholic vibe of romance and poetic like atmosphere. The best way to listen to “Lonely”? Close your eyes, allow yourself to roam freely inside the music and you will feel the sensations from every corner of the record. I personally love elevated music that triggers my emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and keeps me captivated by each chord and each lyric. Their most ambitious and poignant single up to date, Echoglass completely captures the moment in “Lonely”.

Listen to "Lonely" here and check out our exclusive interview with Echoglass below!

Welcome to Buzzmusic Echoglass! What has been the most monumental moment in your career so far? How has the journey been?

We love making music. It’s fantastic when someone listens to your song and it connects with them. When it somehow resonates with their feelings, helps them in some way or even just gets a toe tapping! That it for us. That’s what it’s all about. Have to say though that when Stories from the North EP peaked 200,000 streams on Spotify we were both thrilled and amazed. That might be the pinnacle! Who knows!

What would you consider some main challenges you face as a band and in what ways do you overcome these obstacles?

Just getting heard. We only play a very small number of live gigs, and these days live is important to getting your music out there. That said, it’s also much easier to take an idea, scale it up and have your music available all over the world via streaming services. So we just dive in, make music we enjoy, get it out there and hope one or two others might enjoy it. That’s really what Indie is and always was about ; doing what is right for you and seeing if someone, somewhere wants to hear it. 

Your song “Lonely” was beautiful. What was the inspiration behind this record?

Thanks so much. That’s very kind! The song was written on piano and acoustic and was one of those wonderful moments that just flowed. Probably took 20 minutes to write and then a while longer to get the sound right! Influence? Experience. Enough said!

What was the most challenging aspect in creating “Lonely” and how did you make it look so effortless? 

Well the lyrics and music sort of just flowed. But the studio work and trying to create that haunted, eerie sound was the hard work. We wanted a song that spoke for itself and didn’t sound over-produced, but also had this very dark, sad feel to it. Real broken hearted angst. Hopefully we got it somewhere close.

What’s next for you?

In the studio. Looking at a release at the end of the summer that takes us back to some of our Indie roots. Thrashing guitars and Hammond organs. We’ve also signed a publishing deal for some of our music that is likely to find its way into something on the screen, but can’t say what it will be yet, sorry! We’ve also been inspired by the work Alan McGee is doing with his new Creation 23 label; bands playing real music and releasing on vinyl. So we are working on a project that will see one of our favorite tracks on vinyl. Should be interesting.


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