Eddie Cohn Fights for "Freedom"

Los Angeles-based Eddie Cohn returns with a charismatic song inspired by the dystopian state of the world amongst Covid-19.

Exuding essences of Pearl Jam meets Peter Gabriel in this powerful debut single from Eddie Cohn's upcoming album titled, "Dystopian Days."

"Freedom," was written, performed and self-produced by Eddie Cohn himself. Recorded in Los Angeles during the chaotic times of Covid-19 this single features Bruce Watson from the notorious band, Foreigner, on the exhilarating guitars and pulsing bass as well as Jake Reed on the lively drums and percussion.

Fashioned between the wistful ambiance of the instrumentation and the clear and present delivery of the vocalization, “Freedom,” weighs heavy in your head space as you’re caught up in the emotional state of the world.

Exuding an up-tempo and vibrant take on topical issues at hand, there is no denying the passion that went into the execution of this single off of the forthcoming album, ‘Dystopian Days.’

Eddie Cohn sings sweet melodies addressing our lack of freedom that has left us all in an ongoing storm that rains upon us each day that passes since a pandemic was declared. The memorable essence of the chorus has us swaying our arms in the air as we take in all that “Freedom,” has to offer.

Paired with eye-catching visuals that pan between chaos in the streets to a solidified performance of Eddie Cohn vocalizing his earnest concerns, this record acts as an anthem for a year that has passed us right by in the midst of disarray and turmoil.

Eddie Cohn continues to emanate a sense of openness as he reaches out to listeners to connect emotionally. If this is a representation of what ‘Dystopian Days,” will convey, I think we’re all in for a progressive treat.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Eddie Cohn! Congratulations on the release of your single “Freedom,” off of the highly anticipated ‘Dystopian Days.’ At what moment did you fortify the theme of “Freedom” to be what it is today?

I think the title pretty much speaks for itself and it came to fruition a month or so into the lockdown. This has obviously been a bizarre year. I have found myself in a very contemplative state thinking about what's happened to our fragile world. Can humans survive in isolation? What will be the cultural repercussions from all of this? With the lockdown and the mandates and the fear being promulgated by the media, I wonder if the world will ever look the same. And as time went by, this song and the themes surrounding the entire record sort of just effortlessly came out of me. I felt this deep level of inspiration where I had no choice but to sing and write about what's happening to the world.

Is this a taste of what we can expect from ‘Dystopian Days’?

The entire record was obviously inspired by the lockdown and strange look of 2020. The complex state of the world. Lots of emotion and passion went into these songs but it was a unique songwriting experience for me because the songs sort of wrote themselves. Most of the songs were written within a couple of weeks. This is definitely more of a rock record but I tried to balance it with synth, drum loops, strings, and harmonies.

What was it like working with such talented artists to fashion this record?

I've always been lucky to be surrounded by musicians who are brilliant. They hear things I don't hear or they will play a part I never would have come up with on my own. They get inspired by something I may say or maybe we collaborate and try and work out an idea together. I try to give the rest of the band a lot of freedom throughout the process. I also used to be a drummer so it's vital to me that the percussion and drums are a featured part of the songs. This was a different project because I was never in the same room as the other musicians. Normally, we'll be in the studio and jam on an idea together, but with the lockdown, we were forced to work remotely. These songs have a lot of layers, a lot of nuances so I'm blessed to have such a talented and generous group of musicians who helped me bring these complex songs to life.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from the year 2020?

I've always tried to live for the day. Life is short and fragile and this year has just been a reminder for me to do what I love. Take care of my health. Try and make the best of a situation no matter how dire and I've really found a lot of value in alone time. It's a very inspirational space. A sanctuary can be found inside the quiet.

What can we expect to see from you next, as we enter a new year?

More new music this coming year. Of course, the rest of the record will slowly be released as singles and remixes but I also have some electronic dance songs coming out. I'm also a yoga teacher so I produced an ambient album with songs geared towards meditation and yoga which I'm excited about. I'll be doing some Live stream gigs to promote the music and hopefully some real-life face to face gigs as well.