Eddie Coke Releases R&B Trap Single “Get It All”

From Tyler, Texas, aspiring vocalist Christopher DeShun Ward is determined to continue evolving as an artist. He has been immersed in the music world from a young age, and constantly embraces life experiences as opportunities to grow. Shun Ward was incarcerated for a year at age 21, but took advantage of the situation and began using it as personal motivation. Ever since, he has been grinding to become the best artist he can be. Shun Ward has since rebuilt his persona as an artist; under the new stage name Eddie Coke, he has released three singles and is soon to release his album' Pure.' Eddie Coke is Shun Ward's opportunity for a fresh start in the music industry – and he is certainly taking advantage.

His new single "Get It All" is one of those songs that will have your head bopping on the first listen! To ensure that his music can be played for all audiences, Eddie Coke released both an explicit and non-explicit version of "Get It All." The initial tone of "Get It All" is mysterious, with its repetitive acoustic guitar plucks and deep voices singing "oohs" in the background. Once the 808 trap beat kicks in, Eddie Coke turns on the heat with his soulful vocals. He creates a mixture of R&B and trap styles by combining his expressive vocals with "Get It All's" hard-hitting beat. By sharing his authentic self and passion in his new single "Get It All," Christopher DeShun Ward has undoubtedly made a new name for Eddie Coke.

You can find "Get It All" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Eddie Coke! Could you describe the creative process of “Get It All,” and your inspiration for the song?

The creative process for "Get It All" was organic, yet spiritual at the same time due to how I felt at the time. I felt unstoppable when the beat was created and dropped. The experience was unexplainable, yet amazing. 

You recently changed your stage name to Eddie Coke. Can you tell us what this name represents, and what changing it meant to you?

Changing my name meant I was growing and outgrowing the old me. I'm more focused, locked in, and more aggressive with my craft. I didn't just change my name, I changed my lifestyle.

You told us that you once teamed up with Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, and Flo’Rida! How did your experience with these artists influence or inspire your music style?

My experience was short however full of insight. I learned how to be a star in my own arena and be myself to where I'm a benefit and an asset to any movement and/or whoever I engage with.

Can you describe how your experience with incarceration motivated you to take back control of your career as an artist?

My experience with incarceration was very mind-blowing because I didn't know I had it in me to get through it. I had to change my mindset and boost my confidence. And when I say that, I mean not only the star quality but the confidence to get out there and do what I do best and that's making the dopest music you can listen too. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Expect the unexpected, a dark skin Nino Brown type R&B singer, tearing up the music scene with classic music. PURE MUSIC!