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Edison Is Back to Tell Us About What People Want With “Real One"

Modesto based artist Edison is making waves in the R&B scene with his latest release “Real One” it is clear that Edison is able to draw attention to his music. Since starting his career, Edison was signed to Static Records in 2016 which then lead to his debut single “Break It Down”, later in 2018 he had left Static Records and began working with Ziggy to bring us to his now latest release “Real One”. This record is full of good upbeat vibes, we couldn’t help but begin dancing around as we listened throughout “Real One”. 

There’s a modern crisp going on in “Real One” that keeps everything sounding extremely modern but there is a flair of nostalgia, especially in that deep Moog styled bass and flavorful tape stop effects. Both Edison and Ziggy’s vocal performances have a raw, honest, emotion to them that is able to speak to your soul. This release really shows off Edison’s writing mastery, especially with lyrics like “With a style like mine, yeah it’s hard to follow”, Edison is able to cleverly rhyme throughout “Real One”, it’s incredibly hard to get this tune out of your head after your first listen. We are excited to hear about what Edison will be showcasing next with future music.

You can listen to "Real One" here.

Hi there, Edison! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest release “Real One” tells us about what someone really wants with someone else, how do you find yourself personally relating to the lyrics? The song is actually based on an experience that I had when I was still in college. I think it is a song that I believe a lot of people can relate to as far as going through rejection. The song was based off of me telling this girl how I felt about her and she did not feel the same and she just wanted to be friends. One day at one of my friend's birthday party I caught her cheating on her boyfriend with someone else. So at the time I looked at it in a way as in you rejected me because you did not feel like I was "real enough" for you. That is pretty much how the song was created. The funny thing about it though is that it took about a year to come up with the idea.  We're loving the lines that both you and Ziggy delivered in this release. What was it like to collaborate together? How did the two of you come to meet? What was the workflow like? It was a good opportunity to work with Ziggy. I never actually got to meet him. He knew my producer Chris Keys who produced the song. Chris knew that I was looking for a rapper to be a featured artist on the song and he sent me links to rappers that he knew and asked me to make the choice. Ziggy made a lot of noise in his hometown at the time so I told Chris you have to get this guy on the track with me. About two months after recording the song Ziggy passed away. We were getting ready to put out ideas for the music video at the time, but then Chris called me to break the news to me so that was very sad for me. It's obvious to me and to a lot of people that the workflow with Ziggy was great. Once he got the track he was already fully invested. I would like for him to know that I thank him for everything when it came to the song and I wish I got the chance to work with him a bit more.  Your music is definitely able to give us a good time wherever we hear it. What are some of the ways you try to achieve this? Does it come during the production or do you think about it when writing? I try to take it one thought at a time. I think it is important for all artists in every genre to make sure everything relates to what you want to put out. Taking time and not rushing the song will always create something that is fun to listen to. Make it catchy and just have fun going through the process of creating it. It really depends on where my head is at the time when it comes to writing. There are times where I don't need to hear production and there are times where it is necessary. Sometimes I need production as assurance in order to tell myself that the song can sound great. Writing during production I think can lead to a more consistent pace because you are able to get two things out of the way at once. So any strategy can work depending on how the artist prefers to work. “Real One” really shows us your growth as an artist, how do you think you have grown since your debut “Break it Down”? What are some of the things you have learned now creating music with a label? I think I've grown in a lot of different ways. I've become more comfortable within myself on what I know I can do. Growing with my fans and interacting with them more is very important. It is an important growth that I become more involved within my fan base because that is how the growth of relationships work sometimes. Being able to think outside the box and be more creative with my sound, my lyrics, and my brand as an artist has improved a lot more than I have ever seen. One of the things that I learned from being signed with a label is knowing how to network and talk to people a lot better. That is one of the things that I appreciated during my time with them. It is amazing how building these business relationships can do to help you so I would advise all artists to not be afraid to go out there and create more relationships for you and your brand. I also learned how to record music better on finding the right engineer, creating the right mix, how to invest into it, and how to be smart with your money. After leaving the label, it felt like I had this self awareness that I know I can do this and I feel more comfortable going out there and sharing my music with the world and not being scared to hear any type of feedback whatsoever. The label helped me not only as an artist but as an individual. It has made me want to invest in businesses in the future and being able to take care of myself in any way I can.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

In 2020 you can expect me to be involved with other things besides music. You will see me record more music, but you will also see me be more involved when it comes to acting, doing movies and networking with people within that business. Dancing is something that I look to improve in and I look to learn in that as well. Working in entertainment is my dream goal so I look to be involved with it in any way I possibly can. The learning never stops.


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