Electro-Pop Meets Emotional Realness In Anastasia Rizing’s Latest Track “Without You”

Anastasia Rizing has been a singer/songwriter and musician since she was young. It all began in her father’s studio but Anastasia naturally progressed onto the stage in music theatre and as a singer/songwriter. Going back to her roots, Anastasia Rizing finds her back in the studio writing, arranging, recording, producing, and mixing all of her unique music.

Anastasia’s sound is a perfect melting pot of electro-pop, hip hop, 80's new wave, synth-wave, and a slight undertone of jazz. Some of Anastasia’s inspirations are LIGHTS, Imogen Heap, Owl City, AURORA, Chvrches, Pvris, The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Sarah McLachlan, Kate Bush, Enya, and Tori Amos, which all assist in creating her authentic sound.

With an impressive repertoire under her belt, Anastasia Rizing shows no signs of slowing down.

"Without You" is her latest release, a song declaring a very simple truth, that hope can only be found in God. Anastasia wrote this song while she struggled in her marriage watching her husband suffer a debilitating chronic illness. She was brought her to her knees by the experience but turned it into an uplifting new single.

Listen to Anastasia Rizing's new single "Without You" here!

Hey there Anastasia! We believe your music truly goes back to elemental aspects in the pop world and creates a  full-bodied experience for listeners. In what way do you believe you're connecting to your listeners through your vocal, and overall musical, production?

Hey. Thanks for the kind words. I hope that I am connecting with the listener’s ears! 

Today’s vocal trends (especially in top 40 radio) are interesting. Listeners have attuned their ears to females with very bright, harsh, nasal sounds with harsh EQ as well as extremely light and airy head voice sounds. My hope is that the vocal style in the chorus will remind them slightly of what they have been listening to, but that the style in the verse will bring them somewhere new that maybe they haven’t been accustomed to. 

I am a product of the 90’s female singer-songwriter generation whose independent spirit was married to musicianship and authenticity. I want to authentically appeal to people who maybe have never listened to Sarah McLachlan’s Fumbling Towards Ecstasy but who would immediately disregard it because of the production. (I love production from the 80’s and 90’, but kids today can’t get used to it. Just ask my 14 year old!) 

Top 40 pop music leaves no room for flaws musically in rhythm or pitch and is mainly, electronic (look at the rise of DJs producing artist records). My goal was to make the choruses as perfect and flawless to appeal to the commercial ear and then to leave the flaws in the verse to introduce the listener to more of a realistic sound, a sound that frankly I prefer. 

I hope to hook people into the chorus.....to get it stuck in their ear first so that they can think about the words later. 

People have access to all kinds of music these days though the top 40 radio still seems to stay in one lane. My hope is that those who are willing to open their ears up to something new will appreciate the sounds. 

"Without You" was extremely inspirational, and got us moving right away! What was the ultimate goal you wanted to personally reach with the track once it debuted?

If one person hears it, gets the earworm, and stops to think about the hope of God, then my goal is accomplished. 

I learned long ago that if I determine my accomplishments via numbers I will forever be seeking and climbing, never able to reach success. 

Success for me is found day by day, one person at a time, being loved, changed, inspired, and moved by my music. 

We know that there’s a deeply personal influence behind your song “Without You”, what can you tell us about the inspiration behind the lyrics?

This past year my husband was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. In order to live he would need a kidney transplant. I felt as though the bottom fell out of my world. I used pray for things and for the future but I had to learn to pray for today and today alone because my future on earth was not in my hands. 

The song is about the idea of what we actually put our hope in. It is tricky, but to really know that we are putting hope in God alone and not in our circumstance or future is not easy to do. People want to put hope in God’s promises for a good future, but my lesson was that I need to put my hope in the character and goodness of My Father in heaven, no matter what happens here on earth. 

Good news though....my husband did get a new kidney and a new lease on life, but both he and I had to walk through the darkness. Thankfully, the Light of the World led the way. 

How does your musical hometown of Nashville, TN influence your sound? 

Wow. Good question. It has made me want to be even more myself. Singer-songwriters with guitars strapped on their backs are a dime a dozen here. I just want more than that. I hear more than that. To me yes, the song is key, but how it is produced and arranged plays a huge part. 

I can break all my songs down to do a songwriter round with me and my six-string, but my songs even when I am writing them, are written with the arrangement in mind, So I feel as though they are incomplete without my production. Maybe that’s because I have never felt as though I am only a singer-songwriter. I have always had the producer gene within me and my mind and ear goes there immediately, not just with my music but with everything I hear. I am easily bored with just a guitar and vocals. So to answer, it has driven me to become the producer I want to be. 

We're so excited to see what you'll be up to next within the music world! Any potential shows in the works?

Well, not at this time. My evenings are spent taking my kids to their activities. But the beauty of this digital world is that people all over the world can hear my music with the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen. It keeps me comfy at home in my studio, my favorite place. Not saying I won’t play out in the future, but I just have too much to do in the studio!!

I have so many projects in the works, but my next immediate release will be a cover of “Lovesong” by The Cure in the end of October. After that I have a Christmas EP due out in November and I am producing a Christmas single for my daughter. Next year I hope to pump out a couple of EPs and many singles. Lots of goals, so little time! But, I would rather be busy than bored! 


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