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Elektra Prince Meets Our “Expectations,” In His Mesmerizing New Hit

Hollywood Hills is home to the mesmerizing electronic dance artist Elektra Prince. With what began producing music in his apartment in 2016, while completing his bachelor’s degree at The University of Arizona, the Los Angeles transplant rerouted in 2018. He would spend the next two years getting serious about his craft.

Having a copious amount of experience under his belt and a hunger to delve into electro-pop, Elektra Prince continues to put forth genre-bending electronic music different from the norm yet mainstream in appeal.

“Expectations” is the highly anticipated single that Elektra Prince has been waiting to serve up to his audience. Through a resonated baseline that takes on a hefty nod to captivating distortion, the electric vibrations surging through your speakers take on a hypnotic feel.

Caught up in the intoxicating tempo that has you tapping your fingers and toes to the beat even long after the song comes to a halt, we’re wrapped up in the seamless blend of mystery and the desire to pry further into our eclectic mindset. Knowing exactly how to draw us into the alluring essence of “Expectations,” the amalgamation of delicate and prevailing musical elements make for a listening experience that has us floating in the wavy ambiance cast before us.

Latching onto the reverberated chamber of croons that the intimate performance of the female vocals convey, we’ve effortlessly transported to the mystical universe that Elektra Prince intended for us to venture to. In an atmosphere that inspires you to let loose and dance your way through the soundscape so generously offered up, the prolific nature of the emotions propelled forward has us enthralled with everything “Expectations” stands for.

Eager to follow along on the journey of Elektra Prince, we’ll put “Expectations” on repeat until we get the next stroke of creative genius from this emerging starlet.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Elektra Prince! After hearing "Expectations," we're thrilled to unravel the song's more profound meaning. What is the meaning compacted into the striking lyrical motifs we hear in this piece?

Thanks for listening. I've worked hard for several years to reach a point where I'm proud to present my work to the public. My song "Expectations" generally embodies the anxiety and uncertainty of trying to navigate one's social and dating life, especially in a big city such as Los Angeles. I paired it with an upbeat electro-pop sounding beat to capture a night out where these circumstances often arise.

What does a song like "Expectations" aim to convey to the listener as they take it in? What does it say about you as an artist?

With this song, I aimed to convey a feel-good sleek, and confident sound that would make the listener want to dance or feel empowered to take on the day's work or nightlife. When putting this song together, I wanted to state that I won't just be making EDM songs strictly and that I would like to continue combining electronic dance music with a more mainstream pop sound.

Do you find that Los Angeles plays into the signature sound you've adapted? What have you noticed about your growth from making a move from Arizona to Hollywood Hills?

Absolutely. I wanted this song to combine EDM, pop, and hip hop elements. Mustard's distinct LA sound directly inspires the "chant" fx, and the vocalist has a significant hip LA feel to her voice. The prominent bassline, I believe, is a sound lots of Angeleno's can identify as being true to the essence of the city's ambitious culture. After moving to Hollywood, I noticed my increased ability to build a career while managing daily struggles and unexpected events.

What's next for Elektra Prince?

It's so hard to tell where your career will lead as an artist, but I've found that continually taking small actions each day ultimately leads to something greater. My goal now is to continue developing my artistry and focus more heavily on promotion. I hope people will find joy in my music and that one day I can bring it to life in unique and creative shows.


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