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ElementxL Protects His Peace On His Groovy New Release “Hold Up”

The Australian artist continues to impress with his genre-defying hits.

Photo by Sandra Alarcon (@shootmesandy)

Using music as a canvas from which he paints intimate pictures of his introspection and personal pain, ElementxL is one of the most intriguing talents in the current music scene.

Hailing from Eora in beautiful Sydney, Australia, this exciting artist has built a sound between genres, incorporating multiple influences like a painter mixing colors on their palette. The year might be coming to a close soon, but where the future is concerned, ElementxL’s forecast looks exceedingly bright.

By effortlessly incorporating sounds like alternative Hip-Hop, R&B, blues, and more, ElementxL has transformed into a musical shapeshifter with a little something for everyone.

Smooth choruses, breathtaking guitar, witty lyricism, and more are some of the hallmarks of an ElementxL release. With standout releases like his “RAIN FREESTYLE” building major buzz, it’s fair to say that ElementxL’s releases live up to the hype. Having released his track “NOSEBLEED” last month to critical and general acclaim, ElementxL isn’t showing any signs of slowing down soon.

“Holding Up” is one of those exciting releases that belies the artistic prowess of an artist who is triumphantly on the rise and operating at the peak of his significant creative powers. “Hold Up” is a release that grapples with issues like romance that have been heavily explored, but as ElementxL has shown thus far, he can do so freshly and excitingly.

As ElementxL passionately sings lines “no peace, quiet, and no rest"” and exclaims, “Hold Up!” he alludes to something not often addressed by his contemporaries; restraint and strength in solitude until someone worthy and worthwhile comes his way.

“Hold Up” is, in typical ElementxL style, a genre-bending delight that’ll have you jamming along in no time. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream ElementxL’s latest release, “Hold Up”, on all majour streaming platforms.

Wow, you’ve been on a hot streak lately! We had to ask, what inspired this latest run of releases?

Thank you so much! I had a pretty crazy year, being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in March. When I was in hospital, I had a lot of time to reflect on life, and I committed myself to chase my dream more than ever. So, I’ve been inspired to keep creating and releasing as much music as possible! No more getting in my way with self-doubt.

What was the vision behind “Hold Up,” and what was your favorite part of the creative process for this release?

The vision behind “HOLD UP” was to create an honest and accurate track. I wanted the instruments to be pretty minimal, and I wanted the guitar to be a big part of the track. It is my most vulnerable release to date and is about one of the lowest points in my life – being stuck in a toxic relationship that I felt trapped in and coming out of it realizing how much better off my life is away from that person.

You also released an accompanying music video for “Hold Up,” right? Where did the inspiration behind that video come from?

Yeah! I released a video, shot by my friend Sandra Alarcon, to accompany the single. We shot the clip on my rooftop in Sydney city. We wanted the video to be as raw and authentic as possible and thought performing the song on my apartment rooftop captured the personal essence of the track well. We also thought it looked fantastic with the views!

What’s been the favorite part of your musical journey so far?

My favorite part of my musical journey has been playing live shows around Australia. I was lucky enough to headline a few venues in Sydney with my last project, and I can’t wait to get back on stage as ElementxL. I plan to start playing shows again in 2024!

What’s next for ElementxL? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

I have much more music on the way and plan to release a single every month! I appreciate the love I’ve received so far, inspiring me to keep creating. I want to share a fresh and authentic sound that people may not have heard. I’m so excited to meet you all at my live shows in 2024!

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