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EM$o Is "The $urvivor"

In "The $urvivor," EM$o's moving indie hip-hop song, he speaks for the trap youth. This song has a lot of potentials and is loaded with emotional baggage from the author's past, as well as a strong message.

Fans of Lil Baby, Lil Skies, and AA Anuel should definitely add EM$o to their playlists because of his potential as a triple threat. His rap technique and lyrical flow immediately transport you to the song's passionate yet surreal sounds.

Differences, EM$o's debut album, was published in July 2022 after he managed to flee one of Switzerland's most hazardous regions. The emotional indie trap single "The $urvivor" from this album recalls the mindset he had to get beyond to escape the trap lifestyle others are ready to romanticize.

The beats were produced by Gibbo and mixed by Slade Templeton after being written and recorded by EM$o. With his vulnerable lyrical style and smooth rhythmic instrumentals, EM$o has carved out a special niche in the hip-hop market.

Listening to the beat makes you feel at ease. The vocals, which are highly autotuned, have a strong emotional and personal impact. In "The $urvivor," EM$o discusses his hardships, mental health issues, fears, and life experiences that have made him a survivor.

"The $urvivor" is an absolutely thumping song with tons of impact. This song has an exotic palette, deeply felt lyrics, and a gentle beat delivered by powerful production.

Welcome to BuzzMusic EM$o, and congratulations on your latest release, "The $urvivor." What are the three most difficult moments you’ve been through? Did those inspire The $urvivor?

Hey Buzz Music LA, thanks for having me. All of my hardships inspired “The $urvivor."

Leaving the streetlife unharmed was for sure one of my hardest overcomings. People I used to hang with were seeing me as an “Easy-Target” after I told all of them I won’t put my feet ever back into it; of course, there were nerve-wracking moments where I had to be prepared for all situations no matter what...Gangsters in BnC (my hometown) are not a breed you should test; they shoot and stab first and then ask questions. Protecting my earnings from the street was another story; I still believe to this day, that I was being lurked on, there was a lot of money involved in my actions, and of course, there were hungry wolves in the woods looking for a time to strike, but I tried to always be a step ahead. And, of course, my family suffered a lot with me, and there is sure permanent damage. They forgive, but they don’t forget.

How do you compare your life to that of others around you?

Well, my circle is very small, and all of them are hustlers like I am; we all play in the same league. We just keep running for success. One day success won’t be able to outrun us.

What is the thing you’re most grateful for which you have felt inspired you to create "The $urvivor?"

I'm grateful for making it out of the streets without becoming a statistic. Not many make it out of the streets of BnC; I'm grateful for my survivor mentality.

Is there anything you couldn’t say in the song that you want others to know?

There were real stories I wanted to talk about, but I know that the system has been watching me since I was blacklisted.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on new music, and I’m going to open a clothing online store soon. Music inspires me to think bigger and not have fears of my artistic view. The design of clothes also helped me to think differently about the music itself. I’m able to “see” music now and not only hear it.

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