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Embrace The Wave Of Danny P.hantom

Danny P.hantom is a New York City-based rapper who kicked off his career in early 2021 by covering Billboard charting artist Drake’s ‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle.’

While gaining mass attention from listeners far and wide on the platform, what followed next was a well-anticipated music video reaching over 10k views on YouTube. Danny P.hantom has quickly become known for his intuitive flows, high-caliber rhyme schemes, and clever punchlines.

Submerging listeners in his unique charm that graciously comes across in his original creations, Danny P.hantom embodies a knack for immersing us in his charismatic appeal with his debut single release “DAN (.MP3).”

Being the lead single to foreshadow the release of his forthcoming 2022 album ‘Own Worst Enemy,’ it’s safe to say that this record contains the undeniable wit and pure passion that runs through Danny P.hantom’s veins as an artist. Showcasing his skill set on instrumentation that takes a relaxed and melodic approach to the arrangement, we hear a distorted sample that trickles through the speakers in the background of the musicality provided.

“DAN (.MP3)” is the perfect introduction to everything Danny P.hantom stands for. Garnering the laser focus from his audience in such a short period is one of the many feats that Danny P.hantom will grace us with throughout his career. Blending in an impeccable manner that emphasizes his techniques as an emcee, we get to feast upon the confidence that surfaces in a series of braggadocious lyrical motifs.

Prominently showing us that this is only the beginning, we can’t wait to see what’s in store in 2022. Stream “DAN (.MP3)” on your favorite streaming platform today.

Congratulations on the release of "DAN (.MP3)," in addition to announcing your debut album to come to listeners in 2022. What inspired you to hint at the album's content with this single, and what's your reasoning for putting this foot forward?

My main focus as an artist has been to become well established amongst the music industry/community and my peers. With that being said, there was no better way to introduce my album to the public than through my single, "DAN(.MP3)." The title itself says it all (Dan being short for my name Daniel.)

The song was created to be an anthem of sorts. I wanted people to become so familiar with this sound moving forward; it's almost impossible not to recognize who is on the mic. In contrast, displaying witty and clever characteristics, the song and music video offers an in-depth look into my lifestyle and what I offer as an upcoming artist. This all comes as an extension of the album. Even the album title, "Own Worst Enemy," holds a significant meaning. One is that simple for me. All of this is way overdue. I've been writing music since the age of ten to say I'm only just now creating a buzz for myself is nothing short of the saying, "you are your own worst enemy." The album will showcase a high caliber of artistry level and super unique flows, harmonies, and rhyme schemes.

How does New York play a role in the style of music that you put forth? Do you find that your sound takes inspiration from any of your musical muses?

My city plays a considerable role in the way I've been influenced by music. Being a New York native in general, my early years of hip hop would include the likes of big pun Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes But also being born in the Bronx Had a lot to do with it. My birthplace is the home of hip hop—the Mecca of it all. Fast forward to present times. I've been stationed out in Harlem, NY, for the past 15 years. Where I got to gain knowledge about artists like asap rocky, big L, and cam'ron the list goes on. The culture has surrounded me, and I grew up in it. I know what a dope Mc sounds like, and I know when I'm in the presence of one. From the way I write my lyrics to My delivery to how I select my beats, my city influences everything. As the saying goes, "you're only a product of your environment" I believe coming from the Surroundings I've come from and seeing the things I've seen all helped piece together the artist you see in front of you today.

What is the main message that you'd like your audience to take away from "DAN (.MP3)?"

The message to take away from my first release off of this album is a) there's only more to come and b) if you've listened to the song or watched the full video on YouTube, You've been introduced to a sound that isn't taking place right now. Wholly authentic and different from what mainstream music has been pushing out to us. Most importantly, this first release was meant to showcase an artist who is more than ready and more than capable of making a significant impact in the industry with the high-value content production and my team I have to offer.

With you being relatively new to the music scene, what is something that you want your audience to learn about you that they may not already know?

I started writing music at a time in my life where it was either kill myself from not knowing how to deal with my feelings and emotions or find a way to express myself so my demons could never get to me. My father passed away five days before my 10th birthday, and as a kid, that destroyed me. Suppose it wasn't for music. Most importantly, writing music, I can't say that I'd be who I am right now, let alone where I am. So when I release a song or drop a hit, there's the meaning behind it. It comes with drivers, and it comes with pride. I'm not rapping for dollars or clicks; I've been doing this to survive.

What's next for you?

What's to come in the following months well into the new year will be a bunch of visuals, some teasers, and significant collaborations. There will be a DannyP.hantom merch line, YouTube series, and much much more. Stay tuned for the release of "Own Worst Enemy," the album I'm taking the game by storm. My skill set is out of this world. I've spent nothing but years sharping my mental pencil, and I'm here to sign off on a whole bunch of nonsense. The industry is on life support, and I'm here to bring it back alive.


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