Embrace Yourselves for That "Wide Open Love"

Lamont Caldwell, the multi-instrumentalist and frontman of rock band MACH22, has graced his audience with a refreshing solo project and single titled, “Wide Open Love.”

Hailing from Camden, New Jersey, where he began his musical journey by playing the saxophone and attending The University of the Arts, he then made the move to NYC, transferring to Manhattan School of Music, where he learned vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and piano. Touring with artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Kirk Franklin, Bilal, Jay-Z, and The Legendary Roots Crew of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, he is now venturing out with his solo project where he deems this to be his best work to date.

As we seize the amplified moments of the high-impact single “Wide Open Love,” we’re fully absorbed in the intensified soundscape as the musical elements make a statement to write home about. The title of the track says it all; “Wide Open Love,” dips into a narrative of sex.

Driving his smoldering timbres through your speakers in a way that hones in on the sensual moments, with no restrictions, Lamont Caldwell has us turning up the volume and immersing ourselves in this gritty soundscape. There’s something about the musical layout that has us falling deep into the sustaining guitar riffs and colossal drum hits.

Taking us through the verses that are delivered with a more cognizant scope of intricacy, we reach the chorus where Lamont Caldwell leaves it all on the table and places his fiery passion into each word he sheds. It’s truly remarkable how much of a statement is made while Lamont Caldwell hones in on a flair that embodies Classic Rock components, in the realm of Indie meets Alternative sounds.

It comes as no surprise that the production was tackled by production architect Chuck Alkazian from Pearl Sound Studios, where this dynamic duo truly elevated everything that is “Wide Open Love.”

Hello Lamont Caldwell, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love that you’ve debuted your solo project and single “Wide Open Love.” The energy that comes from this sends us to an all-time high of amplification. What was it like working with Chuck Alkazian in order to bring this vision to life?

Chuck knew exactly what I was going for and also what the song needed from a production aspect. We clicked instantly about music and how to make this song work. It was magic!

Was there a particular moment or story that really brought the concept of this song to life?

Sex!! Haha! No one story makes my lyrics though. It’s usually a few stories combined to paint the picture like a collage but the main idea is the center of the story. I literally was horny one night trying to go to sleep but I couldn’t get the guitar riff and lyrics out of my head. Song was finished the next day.

How has your creative process varied from working in a team setting with MACH22, to working individually on your craft?

It was all internal. There were moments when I felt like I was creating with MACH22 but it was all me. I could write and put ideas down at any time at my studio, whether 9 am or 3 am which to me is the only advantage to writing alone.

With you deeming this some of your best work yet, how have you found your previous experience to help shape you for this very moment?

It is so valuable to have had great players to feed off of in a band. I love playing in a band setting and the bar is set pretty high when you have achieved what MACH22 has. It makes you work harder to make your personal music count to those fans as well as new fans.