Emerging Artist Dante Kennedy Releases Single "Pulse"

Artist Dante Kennedy, currently residing in Philadelphia, PA, creates, records and produces, making his sound highly authentic. He takes pride in boasting himself up with his artistry in any possible way he's able to! Wrapped into his music, Dante Kennedy hopes to use his platform to approach significant problems presented within his community today. Dante's sound is varied, and you'll understand what we mean here once you give some of his tracks a listen to. One recent track release, "Pulse", shows this broad aspect of Dante's sound, incorporating the genre elements of more than a few prominent genres today.

The synths that start off Dante Kennedy's "Pulse" are absolutely shaking! They're incredibly intense, which sets up the overall flow of this track. "Pulse" goes on to switch up a bit on the production side, to incorporate more of eclectic and eccentric styling, yet is still prominent with those electronic rhythms. With "Pulse", you can expect over 6 minutes of pure psychedelic hip/hop--a mixture you didn't know you needed, nor wanted! Nevertheless, a combination that presents itself as assorted and completely diversified. There's a contemporary side to Dante's use of synths, as the entire atmosphere created for listeners is expansive. Dante Kennedy successfully ended his 2019 artistry with his track "Pulse", showcasing to listeners what they're able to expect of him in the new year to come!

Check out "Pulse" here.