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Emilia Vaughn Gets Significant In "French Film"

Independent artist Emilia Vaughn hails from San Diego, California with an alternative pop sound.

With a list of accolades, including her single "Sunflower," debuting at #58 on the All Access "What's in Store" retail play charts, the singer-songwriter is driven to reduce the stigma associated with mental health by creating a community of confidence, loving, and open-minded individuals.

Taking in all that is Emilia Vaughn's poignant new release, "French Film," the profound ballad comes to us as a release under Emilia Vaughn Entertainment and Media Group.

Dressing the smooth instrumentation with a chamber of poetic lyrical motifs, Emilia Vaughn professes an abundance of robust harmonies to tell a narrative of the loss of love. As we weave through the verses and chorus, Emilia Vaughn wistfully croons the sorrows from playing back the archives of memories associated with that relationship.

Intertwining with her emotional intensity, the top-notch production accompanies her brilliant use of timing and space as we're knitted through the dramatic ambiance intended to be cast outward. Emilia Vaughn has a knack for painting vivid imagery with her poetic words as she lays her fawning timbres down on the salutary framework.

"French Film" is an emotional rollercoaster Emilia Vaughn gracefully encapsulates through a poetic escapade of heartfelt words. You can hear how she uses each melody to her advantage as she brings forth the kind of sentiment you must feel to understand truly.

Dazzling us with her genuine quintessence as she takes hold of our heartstrings, we hope you'll find yourself clicking play on her latest single, "French Film."


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