Enjoy the "Weekend," with Alternative Artist Ayoka

Singer, Songwriter, and Instrumentalist Ayoka is here to express her alternative sound in a new way.

Intending to celebrate the time that the majority of individuals look forward to, the weekend, Ayoka is providing creative relief for her listeners with a desire to excite them with an exclusive musical style. Such style is sparked from her love of making others have a great time with music, but ultimately through the means of an elaborate experience.

Ayoka is providing a new creative experience for her listeners with her latest track, "Weekend." Using a deep and sensual tone to her advantage, the vocalism of "Weekend" produces an illustrious atmosphere for listeners. Ayoka blends modern elements from the hip/hop scene with more underground stylings from late '90's rap culture. Together, the result is unique and disparate from what one may be used to, giving all the more reason to experience the song for yourself.

The melody is predominantly fast-paced with a repetitive and catchy underlying tone. There are many colorful layers to the rhythm of "Weekend," which makes the content of the song all the more fitting. Ayoka's lyricism in "Weekend" is intended to be fetching, fun, and inspirative, aiming to energize listeners.

It's without a doubt that "Weekend" will garner attention for its original elements, leaving us in anticipation for what Ayoka will put together creatively next.

Your latest release, "Weekend", was one full of unique, sensual energy. Can you delve deeper into the strategy behind your vocal tone in the song?

I wanted to maintain a laid-back tone to display my personality even with the fun going on in the background vocals and production. I’m a very “resting bitch face” kind of girl until it’s time to turn up.

As an artist who strives to create a specific experience for their listeners, how would you say "Weekend" will differ from future song releases of yours in terms of the given experience? How did it differ from songs in your LP, 'Venus?'

"Weekend" is the “hype” song on my upcoming project. We’re definitely getting into some deep belts and sexy ballads when the rest of the project releases. It’s a little more bold and experimental than the songs on Venus. I was so nervous to release it because it could’ve gone either way but I love that people love it!

Having a passion for jazz, do you see yourself heavily incorporating more jazz-like elements into your future music?

I do have some jazzy elements coming up in future music but get ready for some more genre surprises that will definitely be unexpected.

With your release of "Weekend" and your LP debut in 2020, what type of plans do you have in mind for yourself personally and musically?

I plan to really step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there more. I’ve been working on allowing my music to speak for itself, now it’s time to let people become more familiar with the person behind the voice.

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

Hovvdy - I'm Sorry.