Enter a Secret Party With Breana’s Release “Lottery"

The Los Angeles based Pop & R&B artist Breana began her career in 2018 and since then has already appeared on major networks CBS and ABC. Recently, Breana released her eclectic, exciting single “Lottery” and this one is full of good energy. As “Lottery” starts we felt like we were taken to Havana where Breana was throwing a secret underground party that would go until the sun would rise. There are a lot of great little details about “Lottery”, Breana for starters quickly demonstrates her ability to write a captivating hook with the lyrics “run run but you can not hide”, her little vocal adlib’s and harmonies add in a sweet little spice of interest that keeps our ears constantly pleased from start to end. The shuffling groove that keeps a constant background pulse throughout “Lottery”, this groove is then complemented by a melodic gritty bass that introduces a little Latin flair that we cannot get enough of. Breana’s performance is what seals the deal for us, as soon as her vocals begin we were given a level of comfort but with a little flair of mystery that had us constantly wanting more. We can’t recommend enough to give “Lottery” a listen, you’ll be sure to never forget it. Listen to “Lottery” here.