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Enter WINACHI with Their Blazing New Single, "F.O.S."

Coming your way with fiery funk and groovy magnificence, WINACHI is an extremely talented and astonishing band with the technical prowess and creative brilliance that has, and will continue to leave audiences in absolute admiration.

Based out of Warrington, England, this group of artistic phenoms has us in pure adrenaline-soaked excitement with the release of their new hit single "F.O.S."

With a sound that features a marvelous blend of indie, rock, electro, and soul-infused greatness, it's hard to deny that this band is here with absolute purpose and ambition as they climb their way to the very top.

Since WINACHI was formed in 2015, the band has worked with several notable producers such as Howie B, Danny Saber, and John X, to name a few. Additionally, the band has had incredible collaborations with artists such as Scorpio, Alabama 3, Kermit, in addition to many others. While also playing at several major festivals and touring the U.K, Europe, and the U.S, it's no trouble seeing why WINACHI captured 'Best International Band' and 'Best International Video' at the 2020 ISSA awards show in Atlanta, Georgia.

Diving head-first into "F.O.S.," listeners are eased into funky effervescence with a deep bassline and punctual percussion. Tenacious vocals follow with an organic feel to the lyricism, igniting an intriguing atmosphere of enigmatic precision.

With the addition of an enticing play of digital keys and ambient synchronization, audiences can lean into the tranquillity of the song with invigorating ease and a full, open heart. With the outro bringing the track to a fervent ending, the background vocals carry listeners through an illustrious journey of soothing entrancement.

With the upcoming release of a collaborative remix E.P. and furthermore, a full debut album, audiences everywhere can share in on the excitement we revel in as WINACHI explores the pinnacle of musical dominance.

Congratulations on the release of "F.O.S." With so much on the table for the near future, what are you most excited to look forward to in 2021? Thanks for having me's been a while. I think the thing I'm looking forward to the most is getting our new music out there. We've got an absolute killer album which has been produced both over here in the U.K and also in the US (L.A) and is finally finished...woohoo!!!. We started the recording of it at our studio over in Warrington, the U.K then took it over to L.A and worked on it with producer John X and then came back to the U.K to get it mixed engineer Joe Hirst in London...we literally took the album around the world and back to get it done...mental. It's been a long road to get to this point but we're finally here. We've got a beauty of an E.P also ready to go so yeah I'm really excited about people hearing our new music. Also getting back on the road and touring, we accepted pretty early on last year we weren't gonna be playing any shows for a while and just concentrated on finishing the album, but I think now it's done everyone's getting the itch to get back on a stage. Fingers crossed that can happen this year.

How did you come to be the collaboration of extreme talent that you presently are today as WINACHI? That's a good question, I'm not's been a long, hazy, messy journey, with many weird twists and turns but we're here, we've dodged a few bullets but we're here...we somehow all found each must have been fate. How has living in North-West England influenced your musical journey thus far? Living in North West England was a huge influence on me growing up, our town Warrington is located bang in-between two major city's...Liverpool & Manchester which both of course have a huge musical heritage. Manchester bands The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, and Oasis were a big influence on me as a teenager, I could relate to them, not just musically but as people, they looked and sounded like me and my mates. There's a certain attitude, belief, and swagger you have come from this part of the world, no matter where you go it's just there, it's in your blood. What do you think separates your formidable, diversely talented group most from other bands?

We're not following any trends or fads, we don't sound like anyone and nobody sounds like us...we're on our own tip, we're not trying to fit in, we're just doing our own thing...we're WINACHI.

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